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Date: October 17th 2013

Our next Event is Sunday October 13th at Horsham Vet hospital 


7:00- 10:00  we walk and feed the dogs and puppies

10:00- 12:00 some go to the shed to get all the supplies we need for setup 

12:00- 1:00 We evaluate any surrenders and prep for the craziness 

1:00- 4:00  Adoption Event 

4:00- 6:00  clean up 

FYI we are very short on volunteers, please consider coming out and helping


Fundraising is a big part of rescue work, it allows us to raise some extra money for saving 

more dogs.  So look at what we have going on now, and what is coming up.


Wags Yankee Candle Fundraiser is on! You can even order online and support Wags Rescue 

with 40% of sales benefiting our organization! Our fundraising event runs now through
November 12th to ensure delivery by the holidays. Start shopping : ) Here is our account number
for the website: 990039915
This year we have two different calendars for you to choose from !!!!  One calendar features individual
dogs for each month, you will also get to read a few sentences about how each dog came to be with Wags.
The other calendar features collages of lots of Wags dogs.  I know I am getting two calendars.  You can 
order the calendars online through out site at www.wagsrescue.com and the price will be the calendar plus
shipping and handling, or at they can be purchased at any of our events.
Saturday November 2 from 6:00-10:00 at Horsham vet hospital
20.00 per participant, this will include all material to make the project of your choice
Snacks and Beverages will be provided
There will be additional projects available
It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, all proceeds benefit Wags Rescue

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