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Date: December 6th 2013

Our next event is this upcoming Sunday, December 8th at Horsham Vet from 11:00 to 4:00, due to the impending weather we are starting the event early

we have lots of puppies and adult dogs.


We need help at all different times before, during and after the event, we are falling short on volunteers at clean up time.  We have volunteers that are 

there from sun up to sun down and it is a very long day, so if we could get more help at the end that would be great. 


7:00 walk and feed dogs

9:00 - 9:30  go to the shed and load up supplies, dog food, tables and cages

10:00-11:00 set up the cages and tables for the event, do necessary prep work for event

11:00 - 4:00 The event

4:00-6:00 Clean up and get it back to the shed.


Remember to check our web site at www.wagsrescue.com and our facebook page for all sorts of information.  This time of the year can be sad, and I know that in rescue

this is a harder time thinking of all the dogs in these shelters, some of which dont have heat, abandoned , alone and sad.  I try to remember all the ones we saved but the

ones that we couldnt save haunt us all.  I try to squeeze my babies a little tighter.  We at Wags are very thankful this holiday season for Clover, if you have not seen or heard

her story go on over to facebook or our web site and see our featured sweetie.  Clover has shown us how resilant, loving and forgiving dogs can be. Clover was abused so bad

that her jaw was hanging off, and she had a hole in her tongue big enough to put your finger through, she was emaciated and had sores on her, but through all that she was a 

total love bug and we could not give up on her.  How could a dog be so sweet and loving after being abused to the extent she was?  She is currently in Pa being taken care of

by the wonderful Kennel kids at Horsham vet, and I will be sending out shout outs to some of the great vets that have donated thier services to Clover.  

She still has a tough and long road ahead of her, she is very high heart worm positive and needs extensive surgery for her jaw, all which will cost alot, so donations

are still being accepted.


If you are thinking about fostering now would be a great time, we are loosing alot of our fosters for the holidays as lots of people go away to visit and cant take a foster.  

Please fill out a foster application on our site iff you would like to help save lives.  We do require that any and ALL animals in your house be up to date on shots,and spayed or neutered. You can find all requirements on our web site.





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