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Date: December 12th 2013

Our next event is this weekend, Sunday December 15th at Horsham vet from 1:00 - 4:00.  Please check our site for any changes due to weather.  We will have lots of puppy,dogs and even kittens.


This time of year we volunteers get crazy, not only are foster homes slowing down and not taking fosters due to holiday prepardness , it is cold out side.  SNOW, COLD TEMPS, OH MY.  Some of the shelters that we get these dogs from are NOT heated, which means when it is cold outside it is cold inside.  While we sit in our heated homes, by the fire place, under our blankets loving on our own babies, their are dogs, kittens and puppies that are shivering to keep warm.  When it is time to clean the runs with the dogs in it, it is often done while the puppy and dogs are still inside the cage and when the cage is done being hosed down and the puppy and dog is all wet, they are left there to shiver on the wet, cold cement. We try to pull as many as we can and get as many as we can adopted but we can only do so much, and while we know we can't save them all, those that we couldnt get to and couldnt help haunt us, we keep on going for the ones that we have made a difference for.  You can often see pics of them on our facebook pages , people keeping us updated on how our babies are doing, this is what keeps us going. 


Going with the cold theme if you see a dog that is being left outside with no shelter to get out of the elements, please report it to the proper agencies, turning a blind eye to it will not make it go away and get better, we need to be thier voice.   They can not speak and rely on us to protect them and protect them we shall.  As a rescuer the holidays are the hardest for me, and the cold weather is hard for me, while i type this i have a senior beagle with her head on my neck snoring, a foster curled up on the bed with us, and my other dog next to her.  While I am so very happy that they are loved and warm so many more are not, so if you are or were considering fostering now would be a great time to start.  You can see our guidelines on our web site and the applications to fill out, at www.wagsrescue.com .  Wags supplies the medical care, heart worm prevenative for the foster, flea prevenative,cage , dog food, and support if you are having a problem with a foster, you provide a warm house,the love , kisses and security to an animal in need.  I will end this email now because i have to wipe the hot breath off of my neck from my baby.

Last reminder that we have only two more events before Christmas.




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