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Date: December 19th 2013


This weekends event is on SATURDAY, we will not be having an event on Sunday.  Foster's please have your foster dog there at 4:30, and remember to bring your crate as we are running low. We are hoping that our fosters past and present and all the other dogs have a very Merry Christmas, stay safe and warm and don't forget to post pics on our Facebook page of your dogs enjoying the Holidays.


We want to take this time to thank everyone who has supported us over 2013, but like every year that goes by, the need for donations, fosters and adopters never stops.  Just recently we have 2 very special cases Clover who was a pitbull beaten so bad that she had a hole in her tongue big enough to put a human finger through, and through all that she likes people?! Don't know how or why but she does !!!!



Clover just got out of her surgery to remove as many heart worm as they could since her heart worm count was EXTREMELY high.  They were able to get three adult worms and did an Echocardiogram where they found that they didn't get all of them but what they did get was good.  She will get Heart Worm treatment soon.  She is still far away from other surgeries that she is going to need to have, but it is a step in the right direction, and we are all so relieved that she made it through and pray and wish for her continued recovery.  She is a fighter, and we hope that she makes it through the rest of her battle.


Cookie is our newest rescue, she is skin and bones, literally.  Cookies recovery is going to be a long journey also and cost a great deal.  If you are looking for a good cause to donate to one of these two would be a good cause. 




Cookie will arrive soon where she will be seen at Horsham Vet and start on her road to recovery.  She will spend a few months at least in a foster home getting the care and love that she should have received from the beginning.  Even though she was nearly starved to death she is sweet to people, don't know how they can be so forgiving.  Please stay tuned to Facebook where we will update you on her journey.  


With the happy comes the sad, there are thousands (I think that is an understatement) of dogs that will not be so lucky, that will not spend Christmas with a family, knowing love, getting shown love.  Our job to try to rescue as many as we can will never stop.  Shelters that these dogs are coming from are usually in bad shape.  Cookie is coming from a shelter where the temp is usually below 60 degrees and the outside temp is warmer then the inside temp.  They have concrete to lay on, cages are sprayed out with them STILL in it, they are left in these bitter temps to dry off.  Hug your babies tonight and every night.  If you were thinking of fostering please take the leap to do so, you might be sad when they go and it might be hard but it can't be any harder then knowing that they are going to die if no one steps up.  Wags is fortunate to have volunteers and fosters that we do, and we are very grateful for the lives that we have been able to save with the help of the Village of volunteers, but the ones that we could not and will not be able to save haunt us, and keep us going.  Please join us on this journey it is beyond rewarding, with the sad comes the happy, with the tears comes the joy, and it is all worth it.


Stay safe and warm






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