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Date: December 20th 2013

Just a reminder that our event is TOMORROW Saturday from 5:00 - 8:00 at Horsham Vet Hospital.


We need help at 7:00 unloading dogs, feeding and watering dogs.  Breakfast will be served.

Please call or text 267-981-5901 to let us know if you can help out.  We will need help from 7:00 - 3:00


We will need help getting our supplies from the shed, setting up at Horsham Vet and Clean up.  Fosters have your dog there by 4:30 and bring your cage because we are short, if you dont bring a cage you will have to stay with your dog the whole event.


As many of you might know Colleen Simeti and Lisa Paradis, Wags volunteers and fosters, lost their father, David Clancy Jr. after a brave battle with cancer.  David was an avid nature and animal lover. His last four dogs were all rescues, two were Wags dogs.

We want to express our heart felt sadness for their loss.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers while they go through this difficult time.





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