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Date: January 22nd 2014



For those that are not aware a group of Wags representatives went on a trip to North Carolina to visit a few shelters that we have pulled from and make an appearance so that they can see exactly who Wags is.  It is also our reminder of why we are needed there, as life would have it we did road side rescue of strays that were running around by the highway, we even stopped for a hunk of rusted metal that we thought was a dog, lol.  We went to our first shelter where we were able to clear out every run in the shelter, but this particular shelter has a Euth rate in the 90% and the cat Euth rate is 99% :*(

We visited some other shelters that maybe conditions weren't the best but the adoption and save rate is very high.  The common denominator in the shelters where the Euth rate is so low is that the people involved were dedicated.  While they did not have alot to work with they did what they can.  These other shelters have and work with wonderful volunteers that give of themselves EVERYDAY to help these dogs, and a shelter staff that is open to volunteers helping, and this is the key.  It is sad to go back to the shelter that give us road blocks, and make it difficult at times but we are more determined that these dogs need us even more.  The need is so great and it is not getting better and we still need your help, and the help of the people in North Carolina.  We were hosted by the wonderful people of The Maggie Society, we were housed and fed by the wonderful foster homes and volunteers of Wags.  It was great to be able to put faces with the names we talk with all the time, I have made this trip many times so it was also nice for me to see others that work with us everyday get to see why we are needed so much.  A volunteer posted on their Facebook page that "  We can not Unknow what we know and Unsee what we have seen"  and that is the truth.  Please go to our Facebook page and see the pics of our trip.  This trip we came home with 79 dogs and 18 cats/kittens,  even though we are not a cat rescue we do occasionally take cats and kittens when we can.  We took one kitten that a rescue came in and rescued all of its brothers and sisters only to leave this cutie behind because he was black?!  It is a fact that Black animals or dark animals of any kind are very hard to place and often looked over, but make wonderful pets so onto Wags this cutie came!!!!!!


Please go on over to our Facebook page and share our up coming event, we will be at Horsham Vet this Sunday from 1:00-4:00.

Print the flyer and put it up in your work, or at the Supermarket, or any where else you can think of, we have wonderful dogs that need wonderful homes.  


Lastly is a picture of our truck, the ride to freedom for feline and canine alike.  It is emotional to know that people who care can make such a difference, everyone should be proud from fosters to volunteers, to application processors, to volunteers that came out to help us with the dogs at arrival, the people that brought us food after our long travels, the people that cross posted their behinds off to get our dogs fosters and adopters, and for the fosters and adopters that came out in all that chaos to pick up their dog.  It takes a village. 







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