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Date: March 21st 2014


Our adoption event is Sunday March 23, at Horsham Vet Hospital from 1:00 - 4:00



WE NEED FOSTERS!!!!!!!! It is never ending, we have sssoooo many dogs waiting to come in to rescue, many more we have to turn down because we don't have the foster homes to put these beautiful dogs and puppies to go into.

We have lots of dogs and puppies that need foster coming this weekend.



We are still running our heartworm fundraising, we have 24 dogs in need of heartworm treatment.  While it costs less to treat them before they come up , it is still 700.00 per dog !!!  Can you afford 10.00 a month?  Well we have a sponsor button and a few dogs setup on our site that you can sponsor for less then 10.00, automatically taken out of your account, and you will get an update on your dog.  Time is of the essence for this, so spread the word.  Please go on our Facebook to where you can share, share, share our stuff. 



Volunteers and fosters please park in the parking lots located on either side of Horsham vet and save the parking spots in the hospital parking lot for potential adopters. Volunteers and foster do not forget to sign in at the table up front so we know who is there and what dogs are there.  This list helps us to know what dogs are at the events and if their foster parents are their to ask questions, so don't forget. 


If you are coming to the event on Sunday here are the times we are looking for help 

7:00 Walk,feed,water 
9:00 shed to pick up all of our supplies
10:00 Horsham unload, set up
12:00 approved adopters come to see potential dogs
1:00-4:00 event 
3:00-4:00 fosters arrive to pick up their dogs 
4:00-6:00 clean up and shed 
Lastly we need fosters and volunteers to help out at this event if you are interested please email volunteers@wagsrescue.com





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