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Date: April 11th 2014

Our event is this sunday !!!!!!!!!!!  These weeks just fly by so fast, we hope you and your furbabies are enjoying the nice weather, it is such a nice change.  


This sunday our event is at Horsham Vet and is from 1:00 - 4:00 

Fosters need to bring their cages with them or plan on holding your dog the whole event.

Volunteers and fosters must sign in when they arrive.  Volunteers have to sign in so we know who is at the event.

Foster please sign in even if you are not going to stay, this helps us keep track of what foster dogs are at the event, and if the foster parent is there in case of any questions,

also please feel free to print out an updated bio with some more things for potential adopters to read about your dog, this helps especially if you are not there.  Things like if they are housed with cats, good with other dogs, good with children, house trained, crate trained, etc.  


We have a request for those that are interested Joe Rakowski (a/k/a Joe Mavish), a WAGS foster dad,  is undergoing some serious health issues at this time.   We would like to give him a cash gift to help him with his medical expenses.  If anyone would like to donate, please bring with you on Sunday.

If anyone would like to donate, please see Susan Snyder or Susanne Vitelli on Sunday.

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