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Date: July 31st 2014

Back to school time has gone to the DOGS!!!!!!!  It is that time of year where they school shopping commercials are on, and the supplies are cheap. Do you know that Wags uses TONS of supplies to keep our records and all the other stuff that goes along with rescue.  So when you are out there getting your school supplies we need pocket folders, white copy paper, colored copy paper, pens, pocket folders, pens, sharpie markers, pocket folders............... do you think we need tons of folders? 

WE NEED FOSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!  We need fosters, we can't survive without fosters, we also need coverage for fosters that are going away on vacations.  If we don't have fosters, we can't save these dogs.  


Have a dirty pooch? Pup needs a nail trim?  Well come on Sunday and get your pooch the works!!!! Dog was is from 12:00 - 2:00


Summer Portraits of your pooch. We will have a mini session with your pup in front of a beach scene for a $20 donation you will receive a 5x7 of your choice mailed to you. Additional prints can be purchased for $5 each

Lastly Wags was on TV today , did you see us?  Did you see our dogs?  Well no worries if you did not see us here is the link to see us on FOX



Fran cool

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