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Date: August 7th 2014


Our event this week is Friday 6-9 at Pet Valu located in Jenkintown at the Baederwood shopping center!  Please come out!! 5:30 set up Jeannie is the contact (215) 779-8026 if you are able to help set up, take down or attend.

 Nibler is 7 months old.  Recovering from back leg surgery with no restrictions.  He needs to be in foster tomorrow as he can not stay at the hospital any longer.  He is a Lab/Weimeraner mix breed.  He is super sweet.  Please let me know if you can foster him asap. 


REMINDER it is back to school time and while you are out shopping for supplies, don't forget to think of us, we use tons and tons of office supplies.  We could use markers, pens, paper clips, post it notes, pocket folders, and whatever else you can think of. 


 we hope you are enjoying your summer, and that your pets are staying cool.  Please feel free to share your pets vacationing pic on our Facebook Page.  Please check our  web site often for our upcoming fundraisers and events.  We have some AMAZING people putting together fundraisers, so far we have BINGO, Bowling, Frozen Yogurt and Mini Golf !!!!!!!!!!  We have some great family events that you can come out and enjoy while helping us faise the funds to continue to save more animals.


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