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Date: September 23rd 2014


Sunday, September 28th
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Horsham Veterinary Hospital
971 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044

If you are interested in adopting at one of our events, you can submit an adoption application and get pre-approved to adopt before the event.

Before you can take your new pet home, you will need to bring a collar, leash, and ID tag with the pet's name and your contact information. We will not finalize the adoption without these items.

If you are finalizing an adoption, we only accept cash or check at adoption events.

For more information, please email info@wagsrescue.org.

     Fostering saves lives, precious lives like the one pictured here.  Help us help them, foster.  Wag's supplies the medical care, a crate, leash,collar, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention and you supply the Love and Understanding.  

FUNDRAISING.............. In order to keep helping dogs we need to fundraise and rely on donations, please look at our fundraising section on our web site to keep up to date on the things we have going on and coming up.  We have a great team of volunteers working in getting us to events and helping with fundraisers, please spread the word or come out and support us at all of our events. http://www.wagsrescue.org/fundraising.php

  Come out Friday Oct 3rd for BINGO!!!!!!!!!  We still have tickets left.  We are also still looking for some sponsors, donation of gift cards, and baskets, if you are interested please email info@wagsrescue.com 

    We have lots of dogs and puppies, and even kittens and cats, that are available for adoption, and we will have lots of dogs at our next event.  If you were ever thinking of fostering now would be a great time.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting, the process starts with an application that can be found on our site.  We do require vet references, personal references, current pets to be up to date on shots, heart worm prevention.  It is State Law that all animals have a current Rabies vaccination, so make sure your pets have theirs updated. 

We are hoping you are taking advantage of some of this nice weather with your four legged loves.




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