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Subject: WAGS NEWS
Date: October 11th 2014

Horsham Vet this Sunday
Plan for tomorrow SUNDAY 10/12/14!

7:00 - 9:00 walk feed water dogs

9:00-9:30 go to shed 

10:00-12:00 set-up 

12:00-1:30 approved adopted start arriving 

12:30 evaluate surrenders 

1:30 event starts 

4:30 event ends

4:30/5:00 fosters pick up 

5:00-6:30 clean up 

AS ALWAYS  bring a snack to share!!
Don't forget to go to our site and VOTE for your favorite dog in our Calendar contest.  There are so many pictures, this is going to be hard to chose just one to vote for.

Just one week. Are you bringing your dog? Competing? Or coming out for the family fun? Mark your calendars and come out for the Wags Rescue fun!!

Everyone please share!




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