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Date: February 14th 2015

Plans  for tomorrow 2/15:

 Happy Valentine's Day!! Hug someone special today, especially those four legged babies.

Yippee....we get to sleep in tomorrow!

Bundle up with lots of layers ....hats gloves and scarves are a must!!!

11:00 shed ( when need a few people to help Ed)

11:00 set up ( Chrissy and Amanda will be cleaning crates..... Crates in the closet off limits until disinfected)

11:30-12:00 evaluate surrenders

12:00-1:00 pre-approved adopters arrive

1:00-4:00 event

4:00-6:00 clean-up and return to shed....we need help here....please!  It's cold  and the more people that help the faster we can all get home and get warm!

Bring a snack to share!!! Something yummy~

Pls respond to Colleen to let her know if your coming....she also needs to know who is going to the shed and who is setting up!



Don't forget to get your tickets for Wags Rescue Lending a Paw beneift dinner we are having to help the Ochal Family.  Email Emily if you can bring food, paper products, soda, beer, wine, baskets, gift cards, money or anything else.  Email Emily at Fosters@wagsrescue.com



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