Wags Event tomorrow---Please read to end for all announcements!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags Event tomorrow---Please read to end for all announcements!
Date: June 6th 2014

Hi Fosters,
The next event is tomorrow:
Saturday, June 7th
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Horsham Veterinary Hospital  ‚Äč
971 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044
We have a few switched needed tomorrow.  Please let me know if you are willing to foster one of these dogs:  
Africa:  Lab mix about 5 months old 
Sophia Beth--
Kanga: small energetic. Doxi/Corgi/Beagle type dog.  Sorry we don't have a photo.
Please remember to ask for Frontline and Heartguard if you have had your foster for 4 weeks (it is important that we don't forget to give our fosters these every month).
Also, No matter how long you have had your foster dog---If he/she is not adopted Wags needs updated pictures and bios sent to lovekitte@comcast.net
If your foster has not been to an event in the last week or so---Please remember that they need to come a minimum of twice a month in order to get adopted.  If you have a foster and you are wanting to adopt them (and haven't brought them in quite a while), Wags would like to encourage you to complete your paperwork and finalize your adoptions.  It is not good for any of our dogs to live in Limbo.
  Also, take a moment and become friends with Colleen Simeti  on Facebook---She is looking for new friends (LOL--she is one of the main people at Wags and wants to get your photos of the dogs/fosters---JFYI in case you are one of the new fosters). 
I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow--Unless you will be at Philly Fit and I hope all of our Wags representatives at that venu have a super fun day as I expect we all will at Horsham Day at our adoption event.  
*****If you have one of  those outdoor awning type tents (not the sleeping kind but the shade variety) and can bring it tomorrow to the Horsham Vet it is very welcome to keep all of our dogs and volunteers out of the hot sun.  
*******Crates are a must for all foster dogs***** We need you to bring your Wags crate to the event.  We do not have enough and there are often more dogs then crates---Please help by bringing your crate tomorrow.********
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr


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