Happy 4th!!! Need a few fosters for Monday!!!!

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Subject: Happy 4th!!! Need a few fosters for Monday!!!!
Date: July 4th 2014

Hi Fosters,

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely 4th of July!!!  Please remember to make sure all of your dogs are secure tonight as tons of dogs get lost due to fireworks every year!!!

Wags desperately  needs to move 3 dogs by Monday.  These are lovely dogs/puppies but they are in homes of Momma/puppy fosters.  Both of these fosters need their spaces opened up in order to take the mommas coming ON MONDAY!!!!!!

By fostering one of these dog/puppies you are helping to save an entire family of dogs.  Wags can only save dogs if we have fosters.  Please don't let the new Momma's be lost because we couldn't find fosters for these three dogs.


Singa April; Is good with Kids, cats, and dogs.  She is an adult cattle dog/couch pototoe mix.   She is an easy foster.  Please consider this girl.

  this is a crumby photo--she is much cuter in person!!!


2 Robin puppies: One male and one female 

Not sure if these are the correct photos-names but the whole litter looks the same:

        They are described as sweet and lazy puppies---also easy fosters that will likely get adopted quickly.  


Please let me know asap if you can take one of these (or the two puppies together).  It is imperative that fosters step forward to help.  


Kind thoughts,


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