Wags needs some vacations covered!!!! Read till end

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags needs some vacations covered!!!! Read till end
Date: July 22nd 2014

Hi fosters,


I need fosters for the following dogs/puppies :


Springer needs a foster--  He didn't work out in his adoptive home as the resident dog is trying to eat him.  His former foster already has a new foster dog. Please let me know if you can foster Springer so we can keep him safe.


Vacation foster needed Thursday until end of event on Sunday for Mt McKinley:


Vacation foster needed for three popsicle puppies from Friday morning (or Thursday night until Sat night. Please let me know if you can take from about 8 AM  Friday until sometime Saturday evening.  There foster is on an overnight.    



Quick note to all:   Can you look around your house and/or dog closet for any Wags leashes or adopt me parifinalia that may have found it's way to your house.  Wags had a ton of donated nice slip leads, adopt me leashes and adopt me bandanas and vests and now sadly there are only a couple left.  If you find some just bring them back on Sunday.  We understand that they are just like the pens at the bank and we all forget we have them at times.  This would be a good time for cleaning those closets anyway!!!  

Kind thoughts,


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