Wags needs vacation fosters starting Thursday and a few switches. Please Help!

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Subject: Wags needs vacation fosters starting Thursday and a few switches. Please Help!
Date: July 29th 2014

Hi Fosters,


I need a vacation foster for Hoppin John for Thrusday evening and  for Mt Mckinley by Sat Morning!!!!!  Pleas let me know if you can take one and I will hook you up with the foster to arrange transfer.  Please let me know asap as getting ready for a vacation is always stressful so lets help our fosters by making their foster dog transitions a bit easier.


Also, A few of our local surrenders need fosters ASAP.  Please read below and let me know if you can foster Pegasso, PePe (together or seperate) or LaLa.

I need fosters asap so please consider one of these dogs.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr




Peggasso :American Bulldog & Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Young • Male • Large  And Pepe  

Would love a foster willing to home them together as they are really good friends.  They would also love a family that spoke just a bit of Spanish as this is the language they have lived with for most of their lives.  If you can foster only one let us know but it would be great if there was a foster that could take both --a knowledge of Spanish even basic Spanish would really help these two adjust.




Hoppin John Lab pit puppy foster says he is awesome!!  needs a foster by Thursday night as foster leaves then for vacation.  She will take him back if he is not adopted  when she returns. 

Mt Mckinley lab mix older puppy awesxome needs foster Saturday morning


Lala great with dogs and kids  Must have a foster or her surrendering owner will have to sent to Shelter. 


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