Desperate!!! Need foster from Wed til Sunday and a few others still need covered on Sunday..Help!

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Subject: Desperate!!! Need foster from Wed til Sunday and a few others still need covered on Sunday..Help!
Date: September 23rd 2014

Hi fosters,

Alyssa is going away on Wednesday to make the trip to GA so we can all get new fosters and save lots of new dogs!!!  One problem ---We need a place for Jill to go while Alyssa is away.  Jill needs a home where she is not crated because she has recently developed crate anxiety.  She doesn't do anything bad when she is out of the crate, she is house trained and a super chill dog.  Please let me know asap that you can be her vacation foster.  There are no other options then finding a foster so the sooner someone steps up the sooner I can stop bugging everyone.  Besides, you all don't want to see my hair turn any greyer you?

I can't find a photo of Jill anywhere but if you have ever been to a WAGS event--She looks like any one of Alyssa's fosters.  I was even tempted to put a picture of Bernie or Anna but I resisted the urge and appeal to your memory. Jill is really a cool dog and will be an easy keep for a few days.


I still need commitments on several of the dogs I posted on the last newsletter. 

Lilo and Stitch  (The puppy is blind and I need a foster willing to work with him who has a kind, gentle and nurturing adult dog to help). They do not have to go together --Mom is a little tired of her job description and wishes to pass the torch.

Mr Tippy is amazing and all the staff love him where he is.  He should be an easy keep. Please consider fostering him. 

There is still lots of need of fosters this week.  Please let me know if you can take someone (if you haven't already e-mailed) and what your parameters are. 

I'd love to hear from everyone on the mailing list--so I know you are all still out there.  I know twenty of you are still there but the computer tells me I have 126 people subscribed.  Please consider taking a dog/puppy if you haven't in a while even if it's only one or two fosters every once in a while---it helps.


Kind thoughts,


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