Huge number of dogs this Sunday! Let me know who you can foster asap.

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Subject: Huge number of dogs this Sunday! Let me know who you can foster asap.
Date: October 8th 2014


Hi Fosters,

This is a big transport weekend and we have tons of dogs/puppies to choose from.  Your choice makes a difference in their lives.  If they don't get picked, they don't get to come to Pa and get adopted this month.  Please let me know your top 7 picks and what your parameters are ---asap -so your choices make transport. 

Also, I need a foster starting Friday morning for Diana Prince as her foster needs her moved so she can come to events.

Diana Prince----

I Tried to find all the photos but couldn't.  I will try to do a second e-mail with the ones I missed.  If you can foster let me know asap.  Also, let me know if you will take a left over at the end- if all your picks get adopted.

Kind thoughts,


Aliana (Intake Sept)


Alice in Wonderland  4 year old momma of Wonderland pups/spayed

Alice in Wonderland Pups x 9 (Intake Sept)


  • King of Hearts  

  • Duchess  


  • Pigeon   




Bear Pups x 3

  • Bearhug 

  • Bearable 

  • Bearcat 


Bug Pups x 2

  • Bingle Bug  

  • Bed Bug   


Cam Sisters x 3

  • Camille 

  • Cambrie  

  • Cameo 






Cyrano de Bergerac Pups x 3


Diamond Cut Pups x 8

  • Cushion

  • Marquise

  • Radiant

  • Asscher

  • Heart

  • Pear

  • Oval

  • Emerald






Evansdale Pup “D” Litter

  • Dabney

  • Dally 


Evansdale Pup “E” Litter ~

  • Eugenia


Flash Bang  




Gala ----




Jessie (intake August)


John Kennedy   


Lone Star


Love Note   


Maggie Moo




Math Pups x 4 (intake Sept)

  • Trig

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Calculus


Mileston (intake September)


Mr. Fig Newton  






Richie Rich (intake August)




Secret Garden Pups x 6 (intake August)

  • Colin Craven

  • Dickon Sowerby

  • Mary Lennox

  • Martha Sowerby

  • Lillias Craven

  • Susan Sowerby


Seed Pups


  • Poppy  


Snap Pups x 4

  • Snap Shot  

  • Snap Dragon  

  • Sugar Snap   

  • Ginger Snap 


South Bros.


  • Southport 


Strong Pups x 2

  • Midas

  • Athena 









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