Wags dogs need a few fosters this week:asap

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Subject: Wags dogs need a few fosters this week:asap
Date: October 23rd 2014

  riley is a super sweet 35-40 lb shepherd mix who has some how found himself at Alyssa's Hound Haven and needs to be liberated.  Well actually he is at Hound Haven because Alyssa was a willing temp foster but there is a hound that need one of her four slots and Riley makes five sooo....... That's where one of you guys comes in.  Riley is an easy keeper. Please let me know if you can foster him so the switch can be made while Alyssa is in PA for work tomorrow or Sunday.  Staying at Hound Haven is  not an option as Four is the limit.  Please help out by being willing to foster this awesome guy, he is likely to get adopted quickly

 Little Brown Bear needs a ride back to my house Saturday after the event as I will be dropping him off and then have to go to a swim meet.  Let me know if you are near Huntingdon Valley and might be willing to help get him home Saturday. 

 Shauncy needs a foster starting Sunday.  Playful and good with other dogs.

  Bugsby needs a foster on Sunday.  Let me know asap if you can take him.  He is good with other dogs and is playful.

Please don't forget to send new photos and bios for your foster dogs.  Also, let us know if you will be at the Saturday Pet Valu event. 


Kind thoughts,


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