Small transport Sat. Some sweet dogs/puppies to choose from!!!!!!

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Subject: Small transport Sat. Some sweet dogs/puppies to choose from!!!!!!
Date: November 4th 2014

Hi Fosters,
The following dogs need a foster this Saturday in order to come this month.  Please commit to one if possible.  They will be here in time to go to the adoption event and might get adopted!!  The Tin Tin puppies had a few offers of foster last week but then got held back so they are coming this week.  I just need to confirm that Vicky  is still taking them.  If you would like to foster them let me know just in case Vicky can't. 
I am checking on some of the bio info on some of these dogs as some look bigger or smaller and different in their pictures.  If you have any questions, please ask. 
Please consider taking someone off this small transport and if not this week ---taking someone on the 16th as it is a jumbo transport.
Let me know either way and if you can take someone next week.  It helps with planning.
Kind thoughts,
1. Rudy the red-nosed pitbull  
2. Callie brindle lab mix (hw injections 10/29 and 10/30) 
3. Tyson am bulldog (hw injections 10/29 and 10/30)   
4. Tin Tin and 8 pups lab mixes    8--9 weekers (Vicky S are you still up for this group?)
5. Jax blue pit/lab mix skin condition resolving nicely per foster  
6. Milo dachsund/chi mix  
7. Pepper aussie/chow mix (need vet to change breed on medicals) 
8. Bandit black lab mix ****   
9. Darcy min pit/chi mix ***  
10. Eaken Carolina or shep/pit mix
11. Leonardo (terrier mix) ****  

12 Princess---Shep mix   Don't have a photo yet.


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