Three transports all this Sunday--All fosters will be needed to make it work!!!

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Subject: Three transports all this Sunday--All fosters will be needed to make it work!!!
Date: December 9th 2014

Hi Fosters,

Please commit early and give me your top  7-8 picks.  If you have not fostered in a while this is a major event and we need you.  Please take a dog or puppies even if just for one week to help get us through this crunch.

 Beagle momma and her puppies need a foster (puppies and momma together probably only for 2-3 weeks but I will check if you are interested.  Momma is great with other dogs.

 Prego will probably deliver in 1-2 weeks needs commitment to foster until momma has babies and they are 8 weeks old.  Please help if you can as these dogs can't be pulled and saved if there is nowhere for them to have the babies and be fostered.  Yes it is a big commitment but it is an awesome experience and is soooo worth it.  You get to pick the theme and name the puppies!!!! Just an extra perk

1. Honey** ( HW tx needs foster)      
2. Jaala**   
👍3. Nicolette- foster with Alyssa   

5. Beagle mom and pups 
6. Blaze ( miss blaze talbot)**  
7. Butter **   
8. Phoenix    
👍9. Bethlehem/kaylee-prego, HW positive, amputee- Kathy Mallon 
👍10. Dudley -Bianca   
👍11. Penny and pups-Mallon's 


Aliana (SF/age?/weight?/HW-) great w/dogs


Austin (M/1yr/51lbs/HW-) big headed bully ~ to be neutered this week


Baylor (NM/?/?/HW-)


Bug Pup (SF/9m/35lbs)  cat dog child friendly 


Bazinga (NM/4yrs/HW-)   


Blackie (SF/3yrs)


Cooper (M/1yr/45lbs/HW-)


Della (SF/HW-)


Dickory Doc (small white terrier ~ to be neutered this week)


Emelina (SF/7m/30lbs/HW-)     


Etta Pups x 4 (12w/15lbs)      


Fat Chance (NM/1.5yrs/56/HW-)


Flash Bang (NM/1yr/23/HW-)  


Frozen Pups x 6 (8w/10-15lbs)    


Giuliana (SF/5m/20bs)    


Hullabaloo (SF/1yr/48lbs/HW-)    


Jeannie (SF/1yr/50lbs/HW-)   


Katie Perry (SF/1yr/45lbs/HW-) Katie Grey????


Kyla (mother of the Star Wars pup ~ to be spayed this week)


Lazy Gecko (12w/15-20lbs)      pending adoptions


Lazy Leaf (12w/15-20lbs) shep/lab  


Liza (SF/10m/50lbs/HW-)


Maggie Moo (SF/4yrs/42lbs/HW-)   


Mama Strong (SF/3yrs/55lbs/HWT)


Mayflower (8w/10lbs)  


Mulligan (NM/10m/HW-)  


Peep (petite black lab ~ to be spayed this week)


Ruger (M/64lbs/HW-)


Russell (NM/5m/29lbs)   cat friendly  


Sam Houston (NM ~ hound w/ broken jaw)   


Santa Baby Pups x 5 (9w/10-15lbs)           


Shine (8w/10lbs)


Snap Pups x 1 ~ Ginger Snap  


Snow Pups x 4 (8w/10lbs)     


Sotheby (large wire haired terrier ~ to be neutered this week)


Star Wars Pups x 7 (8w/10-15lbs)   


I will try to get the photos that are missing and send later.  I need to know asap if you can foster ---your picks and parameters.  Please foster if at all possible, we really need you and your pick can determine who comes.


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