Need a couple of fosters to step up---Today!

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Subject: Need a couple of fosters to step up---Today!
Date: December 19th 2014

Hi guys,

I need a foster for Brutus --10 year old Snauzer mix starting Tuesday if he is not adopted Saturday.  Dig deep here---we all know the puppies won't need fosters and this is just me being obsessive but Brutus is a poor old guy (okay Susanne says he is middle aged but really.....)  Think of it like you are inviting good old Uncle so and so to Christmas---He will really really appreciate it and you may have a really great time with him.  You definitely get the wow I really did something nice for someone else feel with this foster opportunity.  He also has an approved applicant coming to see him Saturday  but people aren't as reliable when it isn't a puppy so I really really need someone to step up.   

I need a foster for two beagle puppies if they are not adopted Saturday. There are three approved applications and only 4 beagle puppies left---Let me know if you will be the back up plan if the two I need covered don't by some miracle get adopted which is unlikely.

I need a foster for two snow (pitty puppies) if they are not adopted Saturday.  Snowbell and Snowball have approved applicatitons (If you have one of these will you consider taking a sibling if not adopted (or a second for a playmate). This is a great apportunity to be a hero because there is a really good chance the two I need fosters for will be adopted on Saturday and you won't actually have to foster them (however it is always good to be prepared just in case)  Who wouldn't want a baby pitty at christmas?)  I need a back up--dig deep!!!   

It would be great if I could get a foster for Queen Clarion also.  She is a recent momma dog that is finished with her puppies and needs a new foster. She is a 35 lb pocket pit.  If you are considering her please ask any questions and I will get you answers.  She will need switched soon after Christmas if not before.

JuJu also needs a foster asap.  Let me know if you will foster this sweet dog and when you can start.

I look forward to hearing from a few people other then the 6 that always e-mail me back.  Even if it is just Happy Holidays.  It lets me know I am not alone here in cyber space.

Have a Safe and Blessed Holiday Season. 

Remember almost all Holiday Plants are highly poisenous to your pets, children and yourself (just in case you got the urge to taste a poinsettia or mistletoe).

Kind thoughts,



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