Wags-Fosters for Jan 4th--Your choice makes a difference for the dog you choose.

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags-Fosters for Jan 4th--Your choice makes a difference for the dog you choose.
Date: December 26th 2014


Please make sure and read note at the end of  Photos.
1. Friday's Girl   
2. Tyson - been in foster since Sept; heartworm treated - such a great dog 
grest with kids, dogs of all sizes, exposed to bunnies and horses and was good.  Listed as housetrained   American bull doggie/boxer mix
3. Annabelle - 12 lb cat and dog friendly
4. Kira - black lab, approved applicant has called NC foster (sorry no photo)
5. Duchess   9 m onth old boxer/lab  
6. Forest -  Lab/Dane mix
7. JR - Senior Rottie/Shep mix--Please consider fostering so he can come to SR event--if he is not in Pa he can't come to get adopted.
8. Michonne - FOSTER WITH JILL G.  
9. Hazel - puppy likely adopted 
10. Kiki - chiweenie puppy - lots of interest  
11. Liam - puppy (picture below)
12. Landon -puppy (picture above)
13. Zoey - walmart pup  
14. Pepper - walmart pup  3- 4 months 
15. Sugar - walmart pup   
16. Heidi - walmart pup 
17. Bow Wow - walmart pup, pending adoption   
18. Seamus - walmart pup-ADOPTED   
19. Link- zelda pup   
20. Zelda - zelda pup    
21. Tina - zelda pup  
22. Trina - zelda pup  
23. Navi - zelda pup   
24. Taffy - zelda pup  Wild guess but probably looks like the above puppies (sorry no photo--but foster two as it is easier)
25. Halo - 
26. Macy pups - you want to bring?  7 pups - 8 weeks old around 12/27 (Marvy, Moxy, Miami, Mingus, Mahogany, Mauser, Malaya)
27. Pearl - black lab pup - about 5 mos old    cat and child friendly
28. Ryland  0ne year old female lab mix.  Love attention --good with other dogs when given a slow intro  OR
Dia:    OR
OR Zion     child/dog friendly listed as housetrained
29. Max - choc lab who is gorgeous but cannot get good pic   
30. Ebeneezer    1yr male sweet               
 or Beau   child n dog friendly - 
Hi Fosters,
I hope each and everyone of you had a terrific Holiday  and are looking ahead to the New Year with great aspirations.  I will be making the same New Years Resolution that I have made for the past several years and that is to help as many dogs as I can to find their forever homes and have a second chance at life.  I do this by fostering, spreading the word about Wags and other various jobs within the rescue.    
If you have a similair New Years Resolution.......I have listed all the dogs that could come Jan 4th if they have a commited foster ---Remember they cannot come if we have no place for them to live if they are not adopted on the 4th.  Also, the huge January Transport will be coming later in the month so talk to dog loving friends and neighbors about becoming a foster --even if it is only for a few weeks to help out with the huge Transport mid-late Jan.  
Please let me know asap if you can foster one of the above dogs--or a left over if your chosen gets adopted.  
Stay safe this New Years and remember to keep your K-9 friends safe---Fireworks are really hard on some dogs so make sure they are secure before they start!  
Kind thoughts,

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