Urgent--Last Call for fosters on Huge Transport

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Urgent--Last Call for fosters on Huge Transport
Date: January 24th 2015

Okay--If you have not let me know you are fostering tomorrow--Now would be the time to do so.  Final list will be done by 10 PM Tonight.  

Dogs will not get to come on the freedom ride to Pa if they do not have a foster or a waiting adopter.  If you can take a foster please e-mail now  with you parameters (age, gender, breed restrictions etc).

Please take a dog or puppy especially if you haven't had a foster in a while.  If you are a once of twice a year foster this would be the time to take someone!!! 

80 to 100 dogs can potentially come but must have a place to go to ---There is no adoption event for the public for them to get adopted to tomorrow.  Only dogs with committed adopters tomorrow and dogs going into foster homes.

We really need all fosters for this round--If you have been waiting to respond----NOW is the time.


Kind thoughts,



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