Wags fosters are the Best EVER!!!!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags fosters are the Best EVER!!!!
Date: January 26th 2015

Hi Fosters,

You guys are the best ever!  Just wanted to thank all the fosters who stepped up to foster and came to help out with the clear the shelter transport yesterday!  You guys rock and a ton of awesome dogs/ puppies and cats (okay were not a cat rescue but we have cat rescue friends!) were saved.  I think last count there were 104 on the transport and they are all in loving foster homes!  

We do have an event this coming Saturday evening at Horsham Vet Hospital from 4:30-8PM and this is a great opportunity to get your foster dog seen and adopted.  

Please take a moment to take a few good photos of your foster or a short video--Maybe even in the snow tomorrow.  Send photos and video to fosters@wagsrescue.org and I will make sure they get posted .  You can also put photos on our wags rescue facebook page (please refrain from making negative comments about your foster on this page---let us know the negatives and we can give you ideas how to deal with them or address them)  

There is a Volunteers and fosters of Wags Rescue Facebook page that is full of help and information for all of us to share so use this resource---But remember if your foster is going to a different foster for a vacation Colleen or Emily need to know where the dog is at all times.

Please check your foster dogs collar and make sure there is a Wags ID Tag on it.  If there is not--please let me know and I will let you know where to get one.  (Please be extra vigilant that your foster does not get out if the tag didn't make it before you left last night).  Always check for collars and ID tags before leaving--In all the confusion it is great to have everyone checking so this doesn't get forgotten. Thank you all for you help in this.

I hope all is going well with your foster dogs and I look forward to seeing most if not all of you Sat night for the adoption event.  Many of the new dogs already have applications in on them.

Kind thoughts,


P.S.  Thanks again to everyone. We actually had extra fosters and many of the foster who were gonna double and triple up didn't have to.  What a great problem to have.  You guys Rock!!!!!


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