Need a few switches

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Subject: Need a few switches
Date: February 5th 2015



  Mary Magdelene needs a foster.  Let me know if you can foster this golden/lab ret mix 


Forty Winks needs a foster--He was adopted and is about 6-7 months old.  Adopters dog doesn't like anyone to play in the house so Tiddly winks is coming back and needs a foster on Saturday after the event.  I wish I had a photo.  You can look at sister Tiddley Winks and see what the sister looks like.  This is a mid age puppy---totally not the puppies fault--Need a foster to step up. 

  This is Tiddley but forty is just as cute--maybe a different color not sure.

Okay so that is one line of business.  So I need you all to change the e-mail that you have for me---if you wish to get the attention of the foster coordinator you must e-mail   .    take not it is only the last three letters that have changed--but they are important.

Also, If you would like to buy a ticke for the Wags Lending a Paw Benefit dinner to help Sandy and Melissa--Please let me know asap and I will get you a ticket as they are going fast.

If you would like to donate food, beverage, paper products, money, raffle baskets etc---Let me know and bring the non perishable stuff to one of the next adoption events and hunt me down. 

The dinner should be a blast so I would encourage all to attend. 

If you are good at getting people to donate stuff let me know I will get you a flyer (still have to fix it as my e-mail just changed ( --see above the importance of three letters)

As always--you are what makes Wags work!  Thanks for all you all do and your support.

Kind Thoughts,


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