Wags-Neither Ice nor Snow nor sleet or Rain--were like the post man

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Subject: Wags-Neither Ice nor Snow nor sleet or Rain--were like the post man
Date: February 21st 2015

Hi Fosters,

There are about 70 dogs and puppies coming tomorrow on transport --did I meantion a cat and a goat---oh I do digress. The Mallons are loaded up and on their way back to Pa.

I know this is getting to you a little late but I just finished shoveling my very long driveway so I can get to the Wag adoption event.  I have faith that the area road  crews will have everything plowed salted and the 40 degree weather tomorrow is gonna make for a super fun day.  

We still need lots of volunteers to help with the transport in the morning and throughout the event.  

Fosters please try to have you dogs at the event by 11:30 so that the pre-approved people can see them and they have a chance to get adopted.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  There are tons of dogs and puppies that have fosters but still a bunch that are not covered. So if you have been waiting to see if I would plead and grovel----This would be that time.  Plz-Plz commit to taking a dog or a puppy if you have not already done so.  

Fingers crossed and prayers being said that adopters don't let a little snow keep them home tomorrow.

Kind thoughts,


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