Some Switches needed. Let me know if you can foster.

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Subject: Some Switches needed. Let me know if you can foster.
Date: February 25th 2015

Urgent need of Foster for Duncan--He is being released from Medical boarding tomorrow or the next day and I need a foster home for him.  I don't have a photo---Anyone who was at the event will remember the large white/brownbrindle "lab mix" with the broken leg.   The leg specialist saw some weight bearing on the leg and believes it can be saved and will re-evaluate in a month.  He has been totally non-reactive with other dogs and is super sweet.  He will need to be kept quiet and not allowed to run and jump around.  He doesn't have to be on complete crate rest but his free time will need to be supervised-----If you have a fairly quiet home and live fairly close to Horsham Vet, please let me know that you will foster this awesome dog.  


Gooch needs a foster starting after the event Saturday.  He is a 5 month old spotted mixed breed.  Another vet not willing to take a guess.  My money is on shepherd/ hound mix.  I'm thinking Fritos.

  Sweet Darria needs a foster Saturday as her temp foster is going on a GA transport run and was super awesome and get this girl back when her adopter of 24 hours dumped her for looking like a hound and not a lab mix?????   

The meridian pups--Zenith, Celestial and Nadir need fosters starting Saturday after the event.  Their foster is not usually a puppy foster and was kind enough to help us out when we had so many last weekend.  These babies are 9 weeks old and will likely get adopted quick.

Please let me know asap if you can foster one of these guys.

Kind thoughts,


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