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Date: March 1st 2015

Hi Fosters,
I ran out of time tonight so I don't have all the photos.  I will try to get them tomorrow-
Check to see if your name is next to a dog and confirm you are taking that dog---asap.  If a dog doesn't have a name next to it.  Let me know you  can foster that dog.  If you would like to be a back up plan for a dog with a name let me know that also.
Kind thoughts,
1.Patch beagle-Alyssa 
2.Angel hound-Alyssa 
3.Penelope and her 4 pups-
4.Madison shep mix pup-Amy Pohl
5. And 6.Sony and Sam- lab mix puppies-Maria Anderson 
7.Gypsy (beagle mom) and ONE surviving puppy due to freezing to death!- Lisa Jackson 
8.Ayra- tripod choc lab pit mix pup
9.Bailey- lab mix broken leg pup-
10.LaylaBug- shep hound mix pup    
11.Louie- older beagle-Carrie S?
12.Scooter- boxer mix 5 mo pup
13.Winchester beagle-Betsy S G   
Un named dog  gigi
ayla- POOR girl! Was abandoned as a pup along w her sibling. She was scared and lonely.
When the person who found them finally gave them up after chaining them in a yard, they both were fearful.
Layla is about 1 year old. On the medium side at 29 lbs.
She is HW neg and good with dogs.
Benji ran away and we are praying at this point he is found!
She is also spayed  

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