Wags-Transport 4/26 Need fosters! commit early and often!

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Subject: Wags-Transport 4/26 Need fosters! commit early and often!
Date: April 19th 2015


Okay Fosters,
Here are the choices for 4/26 Please let me know your top 8 picks --try to pick a few from each list.
These are the Harnett dogs coming and must have foster:

. Payson - 1 yr old 67# pit/lab mix; great with kids and dogs   
2. Topaz - 1 yr old 40# border collie mix, great with dogs and  
3. Willa - 1 yr old 30# lab mix, great with dogs and cats.  HW TREATED
4. Ebeneezer (need ur thoughts on him) - not sure what to do - NEEDS LARGE DOG HOME 1 yr old pitbull  
5. Mathis - 1 yr old 60# black lab mix, great with dogs and kids MAY REMOVE - THINK FOSTER WANTS TO ADOPT  
6. Kat - 3 yr old black lab mix, 60#, needs male dog home; good with cats, male dogs and older kids   
7. Eaken - 1 yr old carolina dog mix 50# good with kids and dogs   

8. Duke - 4 yr old shepherd mix 70# HW TREATED good with dogs (esp Female)  
9. Hops - 1 yr old basenj/lab mix 25# good with dogs and kids NO CATS 2  

10. Molly K (Switched with Fumo b/c foster wants to say good bye to him first and away untiil beg of may) - 2 yr old shep mix 80#, great with kids and dogs
11. Hachi 1 yr old shep/husky 53# great with dogs   

These are dogs who might be able to come if we have a foster so let me know and they might come:
12. Drake - dobie - 9 yr old doberman, 95# great with dogs  
13. Diesel - dobie - 5 yr old doberman, 87 # great with dogs   

19 and 20. Curren and cabrini - pups getting big - 10# each border collie mixes     
21. Zake - 8 mos old 50# shep mix, great with kids and dogs
22. Leelo - 8 mos old collie mix 30# great with kids and dogs   
23. Stitch - 8 mos old collie mix 30# great with dogs  
24. Jesse Stone - 7 mos old shep/hound mix 45# great with dogs    
25. Reagan - 4 yrs old terrier mix 25# great with kids dogs cats   
26. DaVita - 3 yrs old min pin 9# great with dogs  
27. Comfort - 2 yrs old dachsund 17# great with dogs (formerly named Thunder) (not a picture of comfort but looks like this I think)

28 and 29. Vina and vara - 5 mos old lab mix ~15# each great with dogs    
30. Twist - 10 mos old long hair chi 8# great with dogs and kids  
31. Izzy - 1 yr old chihuahua mix 7# great with dogs   
32. Cocoa - 1 yr old chihuahua mix 13# needs another small dog in home - timid
These are the Wilson Dogs who need fosters but there might be more ----probably puppies so let me know if you don't see one that would work--I'm sure I can get you one!!!!
Ellie May-great on leash loves dogs   
Nascar Shihtzu --4 years 20 lb male likes other dogs   
Danica     new foster committed to taking
Barsi  female 10 months rotti poodle mix  
Bone Puppies   
Sheba 1.5 years 30 lb pit mix  
Sputnick 8 months likes dogs no cats   
Blue Suede Shoes adult male beagle  
Derby 13 week 16lb male  
Enapay 42 lb one year shep/lab mix  
Pookie Pups ---     
Raspberry Sisters! These 12 lb. black and white lab/border  
Cooper  1.5 yr 45-50lb male pit lab mix  
Mufasa  :magnificent Great Dane Mufasa! This grossly underweight, three to four year old giant weighs in at 105 lbs but should weigh 130 to 140 lbs. 
Darn Tootin’! This sweet eight month old, 40 lb Pit Bull mix 
Ton! This well-mannered five year old, 62 lb. Shepherd mix 
Lots of dogs need fosters on transport day--Please consider fostering if you haven't in a while.
Thanks for all you do--as Wags can't do it without you!
Kind thoughts,

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