Urgent need fosters this week.

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Subject: Urgent need fosters this week.
Date: April 27th 2015

Hi fosters,

Two of the reasons Wags will no longer adopt siblings to the same person are in desperate need of foster homes.  Their adopter has a 4 year old and the two dogs are too energetic and they don't have time to train the two dogs  now that they are adults.  The family is tired of waiting for a foster (and haven't been able to bring the dogs to a single adoption event so they would have a chance to get adopted) and will be seeking new homes for the dogs by taking them to the SPCA if a foster home is not secured for them this week.  Please let me know if you can foster Snapjack or Snapdragon ASAP. 

Snapjack/a.k.a. Harry:
Harry is sweet, friendly and very active. Harry came to us from a shelter, and within the first week answered to his name and followed sit and stay commands, and playing fetch. Within weeks, he was housetrained. He is very tolerant to baths, being wiped down with towels and having his feet touched. He enjoys walks in the neighborhood but requires correction for leash training. He is a very cuddly dog and will try to sit on your lap whenever he can! Harry would do best with in an adult-only home since his playfulness may knock down small children; he may do fine with older children.

Snapdragon/a.k.a. Rex:
Rex is a very friendly and active dog. He loves to run around the yard with his brother, play fetch and tug of war. He came to us from a shelter, and within weeks he was housetrained, answering to his name, and following commands of sit and stay. He loves to take walks in the neighborhood and is responding well to leash training. He is curious about other dogs but does not seem aggressive towards them. He is currently in a home with his brother from his litter. Rex would do best with owners who are active and like to take walks. He would do best in homes with older children (8-10 and older).

These boys are approximately 1 year old.  I need two seperate fosters as they don't have a prayer of getting adopted together and thus would do best seperated.  

Kind thoughts,


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