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Some Dogs still need fosters!

Sent January 29th 2016

Hi Fosters, I know most of our homes are maxed out at this point but I have some foster needs.  Please consider one of these if they would fit at all.   I will entertain any possible switches to get these dogs  covered--like---if my foster gets adopted I will take,  or I will trade so and so for such and such, or I have friend who wants an only dog who will foster ........  You get the idea. For any new fosters.... if you have questions please ask .......    We are really...

Urgent ---they can't come without a commitment from you!!!

Sent January 23rd 2016

Okay this is the list---If you haven't fostered in a while---This would be the day to let us know you will take someone.  If you don't see one on the list (photos are of dogs that still need covered), let me know you will take someone and your parameters and I will go to the Wall mart parking lot and look to see if I can find one.  Try to pick a photo dog though--they have been waiting the longest. Dogs coming tomorrow or Monday depending on weather.  We will keep you posted----stay safe and take breaks ...

Huge Transport coming Sun or Mon depending on weather

Sent January 22nd 2016

Please go to the Fosters of Wags Rescue Facebook page and check out all the dogs that still need fosters.  We could really use some more fosters.  If you are not on the Facebook page let me know what your parameters are and I will help you select a dog.  I will try to get another newsletter out with some photos but time is running out and It's after 2 am and I probably need some sleep before I go out to take more Shelter clearing photos. If you haven't fostered in a while---We really need you to commit ...

The ones being left behind!!! Only your commitment can get them here!!! Urgent--reply now

Sent December 11th 2015

Hey Fosters,  There are a bunch of awesome dogs and older puppies that still don't have a foster willing to cover them ---so they cannot come on transport.  There are over 142 applications in on dogs/puppies so many will be adopted.  If you haven't already agreed to foster a dog--please consider one of these dogs.  If you have committed but think your foster will likely get adopted and you are willing to risk having two foster guests--please let me know asap. The final list will be finished by 6P...

Christmas Fosters!!!! Share the joy of the holidays with a foster dog---they need you!

Sent December 4th 2015

Hey fosters, Need your top 5 list (please consider commiting to two puppies so that they can come.  The dogs and puppies whose photos I didn't get will be on the foster FB page soon so lets not forgett them.   I will put up the who is signed up for whom list on FB and edit starting tomorrow. Thanks for all you guys do. Emily  December 12-13, 2015 Amy Jo (SF/7yrs/40lbs/HW-)                    NC Foster ~ Pendergrass &...

Dec 13 Foster Picks---If they do not have a foster they will not be coming.1st list of 2

Sent December 2nd 2015

Hi Fosters Here is the first of two lists (sorry--I couldn't find any more of the photos--I will resend the 1st list if I get more of the photos)  Please let me know your top 5 picks from this list and then your top 5 from the 2nd list when it comes out.  They cannot come to PA without a committed foster.  Let me know if you can take someone this round. Thanks for all you do to help save so many lives. Kind thoughts, Emily Apollo, M, 7 months??, Black Lab mix     Ava & Mari...

Urgent-Need a foster

Sent November 28th 2015

Simon is 7months old He  is crate trained, housebroken, good w other dogs, walks well on a leash, etc. Current foster is dog sitting for a dog and she and Simon can't be in the same house as Simon feels threatened by her load vocalizations and thinks they are aggression. Simon needs a foster after the event on Sunday.  Need to know who will foster him asap. ...

No HVH Event this Sat afternoon!

Sent November 24th 2015

Just in case you missed it.  There will be no Sat evening Event at Horsham Vet Hospital this weekend.  Not sure we were able to get the posts taken down so wanted us all to know.  See you at the other events:   Sunday, November 29th 12 pm to 3 pm Pet Supplies Plus 1661 Easton Rd B1 Warrington, PA 18976 Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Kind thoughts Emily ...

Urgent--NEED A Foster today--Who can help?

Sent November 20th 2015

POOKIE MAMA needs a foster today.  She needs a home with Submissive dog(s).  This is a desperate situation as there is no where for this dog to go.  I need someone to step up now.  Please don't think oh someone else will do it.  I already have 2 Crate and Rotate dogs at my home.  If you have a spare room, I can explaine crate and rotate.  Yes it takes effort.  Pookie Mama is worth it.  She is sweet and deserves a chance.  I will entertain any options--a couple days to ge...

Urgent--Some will die without your help!

Sent November 18th 2015

Okay here is the update of the dogs that need covered NOW or SUNDAY after the event.  So far I have had no replies ---If you are empty please consider taking someone to help out. Some of these dogs are URGENT--Some of the surrendering families are threatening to send to Shelter if we don't get foster NOW--Without fosters these dogs will likely DIE .  If you haven't had a foster in a while or don't have one now---Please help and take one.  Lucy is an easy pick--she is older and well behaved--she needs out...

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