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Pet Expo and one switch

Sent January 1st 2015

Hi Fosters, Here is a coupon if you wanted to bring more family members to the expo.  It is lots of fun.  There are lots of great vendors and cool demonstrations.  It is a great way to show your foster dog off. If you are planning to attend and bring your foster---Please e-mail  Becky Cinti  directly at :    becky_cinti@comcast.net     I hope to see some of you at the Expo!!!! I need a foster for Queen Clarion on Sunday--Her puppies are being adopted and she needs a chang...

Wags at the Greater Philly Pet Expo in Oaks

Sent December 27th 2014

Hi Fosters, If you haven't already committed to fostering a dog on Jan 4th---Here is extra incentive.   Wags will be at the Greater Philadelphia. Pet Expo on Jan. 9, 10, 11 and we need foster dogs and handlers to attend.  There are only a specific number of badges available so I need to know who is coming and what time.  Fosters bringing dogs are the first priority, along with volunteers who are willing to bring someone elses foster dog (and pick up if they are not staying the whole time).   Beck...

Wags-Fosters for Jan 4th--Your choice makes a difference for the dog you choose.

Sent December 26th 2014

Please make sure and read note at the end of  Photos. 1. Friday's Girl    2. Tyson - been in foster since Sept; heartworm treated - such a great dog  grest with kids, dogs of all sizes, exposed to bunnies and horses and was good.  Listed as housetrained   American bull doggie/boxer mix 3. Annabelle - 12 lb cat and dog friendly 4. Kira - black lab, approved applicant has called NC foster (sorry no photo) 5. Duchess   9 m onth old boxer/lab   6. Forest -  Lab...

Wags rescue lets make a deal

Sent December 19th 2014

Okay so I have some offers on the puppies.  Probably have JuJu covered. Still need Queen Clarion at some point. The original foster for Brutus will take him until he is adopted if  I can refoster her two fosters as her fence is currently idea of fence while under repair and Bazinga and Mr. Button are giving her a heart attack by trying to go on little adventures.   I would like to send Brutus to this foster so----Wo will take Bazinga and Mr. Button-- both small male and super cute. Mr.Buttons   &...

Need a couple of fosters to step up---Today!

Sent December 19th 2014

Hi guys, I need a foster for Brutus --10 year old Snauzer mix starting Tuesday if he is not adopted Saturday.  Dig deep here---we all know the puppies won't need fosters and this is just me being obsessive but Brutus is a poor old guy (okay Susanne says he is middle aged but really.....)  Think of it like you are inviting good old Uncle so and so to Christmas---He will really really appreciate it and you may have a really great time with him.  You definitely get the wow I really did something nice for s...

Event Saturday and some switching

Sent December 19th 2014

_Pet Valu _(Baederwood Center) 1627 The Fairway Jenkinton, PA 19046 Event from 10-3 on Saturday.   Please let me know if you will be bringing your foster.   I need a back up foster for Two snow puppies (pretty sure one of the two is already getting adopted but need a back up plan as foster is going away).   Ruger still needs a foster without cats. Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!! Kind thoughts, Emily ...

Need a Foster kin switch.

Sent December 17th 2014

Ruger needs a foster switch.  A foster without cats as this big boy likes to chase cats and the resident cats aren't liking the game.   Please let me know if you can foster this sweet  boy asap. Also, if you have a foster and it is not coming to events because you know it is never leaving your house----Please take the plunge and do the paperwork.   If you don't want to finalize, please start bringing them to events.   Please remember to send bios and good photos to fosters@wagsrescue.org eve...

Important ---WAGS --Please Read

Sent December 13th 2014

Hi Fosters, Tomorrow is a huge event.  Please have your foster dogs there by 12-12:30 if at all possible (along with your wags crate--they will be in short supply).   Please Park in one of the two neighboring parking lots as we need adopters to park in the Horsham Vet lot--we don't have to foster as many if we get them adopted!!!  See how my devious little mind works.   We still have a bunch of puppies and some dogs not covered.  Please let me know (asap) if you are willing to take a left ov...

Missing photos please foster and let me know asap

Sent December 9th 2014

Lizs nama strong  Ruger Peep Shine Mama Strong and Liza dickory doc Della Baylor Blackie Austin    Cooper     ...

Three transports all this Sunday--All fosters will be needed to make it work!!!

Sent December 9th 2014

Hi Fosters, Please commit early and give me your top  7-8 picks.  If you have not fostered in a while this is a major event and we need you.  Please take a dog or puppies even if just for one week to help get us through this crunch.  Beagle momma and her puppies need a foster (puppies and momma together probably only for 2-3 weeks but I will check if you are interested.  Momma is great with other dogs.  Prego will probably deliver in 1-2 weeks needs commitment to foster until momma has ...

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