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Adoption Event Sat

Sent November 30th 2014

Hi Fosters, The adoption event is Saturday, Dec 6th at Horsham Vet Hospital.  Please bring your fosters.   Also please send new photos on all foster dogs (preferably really good ones) along with a new updated bio.   The Bowling event for Saturday was cancelled as organizer is in the midst of a family crisis.  Sorry for the late notice. Hope everyone had a great Turkey day. We have a few dogs that need covered on Saturday.  Please let me know if you are open to foster starting Sat. Kind thou...

Momma and puppies coming mid December but must have a foster

Sent November 29th 2014

 Momma's name is Penny and she needs a commited foster for December 15th for her and her puppies.  I'm guessing it will be a 4-5 week foster for the puppies.  Looks like 7 puppies give or take a couple.  Please let me know asap if you can commit to fsotering this sweet girl and her babies.   We still need someone to step up to take Miss Marbles.  She needs a crate and rotate foster or a foster with no other dogs as she is scared and having issues with resident dog at current fosters.  ...

Just a few switches needed! Please foster if you can--its the only way this works.

Sent November 28th 2014

Miss Marbles is good with people and dog selective---just had a bad experience with a German Shepherd dog and has transferred that to her foster brother.  She needs a new foster asap.  She is an adult lab plott hound mix.   Cambrie is shy and needs some work.  She needs a foster tomorrow.  Let me know if you can take her. Please let us know asap--remember if no one steps up we have no where for our dogs to go. Kind thoughts, Emily  ...

need two fosters on Dec 3rd

Sent November 28th 2014

Hi fosters, These two girls are coming December 3rd and we need a foster for them.  Let me know asap if you can take one. E Meet Nikki!! She is a loving Shep mix! A petite girl weighing in at 37 pounds. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines and micro-chipped! EST. AGE: 3 yr Est Weight: 37 lbs Health: heartworm neg Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly -   Aniyah Talbot EST. AGE: 1 yr Est Weight: 30 lbs Health: Heartworm neg ...yippee!! Temperament: dog friendly people friendly. ...

One more momma but puppies are already born--need foster to step up now!!!

Sent November 26th 2014

This Momma and these puppies   It is sooo stressful living in the shelter and it is really bad for the puppies the stress and germs that can be around.  Please help us get this Momma and her babies to safety.  If you can foster Momma and Babies--preferably until they are 8 weeks old let me know ASAP.   Come on guys ---we have one more Thanksgiving miricle in us don't we?   this is what the shelter says about mom and puppies:  This sweet girl was surrendered to the shelter almost a m...

Wags Urgent Please help if you can --Need to Know ASAP

Sent November 25th 2014

We have a foster for this very prego momma who has a chance to get out of Hell.  She is at a shelter and in line for the heartstick.  We have a foster and Drivers to get her but only to Chambersburg Pa.  She will be arriving in Chambersburg around 3 or 4 on Friday (That's right the day after Thanksgiving).  Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to drive to get her and bring her to her waiting foster in Warrington. This is Urgent!!!!    Josie needs a foster Friday after the event. &nb...

Anyone available for a Prego Momma for Thanksgiviing--What better way to give thanks!

Sent November 24th 2014

This momma was on the table to  be euthanized when the animal control people couldn't do it and spared her just one more day.  If we have a foster that will take her--we have 4 people willing to drive and meet each other to save her.   She is still at the shelter and was alive at the end of today and we are working to get her out tomorrow.  Problem is she need as foster here to make this work.  She is ready to pop and this is an 8 week commitment but you save her and her puppies.  I ne...

Bandit needs a foster by next Friday (day after Thanksgiving)or close to that day

Sent November 23rd 2014

Bandit has somehow found his way to Hound Haven and doesn't understand why no one looks anything like him.  He is good with other dogs and is a bit afraid of men but he is working on it.   Bandit went home with Alyssa but her foster dog limit is 4 and she is already slotted to take another dog that needs medical treatment in NJ near her so Bandit is only a temporary guest in Hound Haven.   Please let me know if you can foster Bandit or if you would like more information in the next day or so Alyssa will...

Please take a foster this Sunday if you can.

Sent November 18th 2014

Hi Fosters, Have I told you lately how awesome you are?  You really are.  There where 59 adoptions last Sunday.  And lots of us took fosters home to boot.  There is a small transport coming this Sunday and these dogs need to be covered.  Some are already spoken for like Annabelle pups, Princess, Leonardo, and the big Brutus.  The others still need fosters. Give me your top 3 choices and your parameters.    This is definetely a dig deep kinda week.   Remember to send pictu...

foster switch needed--Please help if you can!

Sent November 17th 2014

Hi Fosters, Is a super sweet male lab mix approximately 6 months old.  He is an absolute love but is terrorizing the resident parakeets and guinea pigs at his new foster home.  I know most of us already have foster dogs/puppies but I am hoping there might be someone on the newsletter list who is an approved foster (which actually everyone on the list technically ---okay I won't go into that......)would be willing to switch or foster Forecast-- Preferably a foster without birds or small rodents --maybe extend ...

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