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So close but still a few-- Lets not leave them behind--Dig Deep Fosters!!!!! Live Dangerously

Sent November 15th 2014

HI Fosters, Here is what we have in green and red.  Greens are covered--many already have applications and this should be a really big adoption event.  You may notice the list has changed and the dogs that are no longer on the list--couldn't come due to logistics or the weren't clear to come.  The dogs listed in red could still come but we need fostes to commit to them.  If you have not committed to a dog/ puppy and I have not heard from you yet--Please consider fostering a dog in red or letting me...

Calling all Fosters--Next Sunday is a really big one--Respond asap either way

Sent November 9th 2014

Hi Fosters, Next Sunday is one of the huge transports that happen only a few times a year.  We have dogs from both GA and NC coming and we need fosters to commit to taking dogs or they cannot come.  Please commit to taking a dog if you haven't for a while.  Pick highly adoptable dogs and they  will likely get adopted  quick.  Please look at the list of dogs and let us know your top 7 picks.  These are only the NC dogs.  Some of  us have already put our names down for GA dog...

Small transport Sat. Some sweet dogs/puppies to choose from!!!!!!

Sent November 4th 2014

Hi Fosters, The following dogs need a foster this Saturday in order to come this month.  Please commit to one if possible.  They will be here in time to go to the adoption event and might get adopted!!  The Tin Tin puppies had a few offers of foster last week but then got held back so they are coming this week.  I just need to confirm that Vicky  is still taking them.  If you would like to foster them let me know just in case Vicky can't.  I am checking on some of the bio info on so...

Wags--Here are the pictures that didn't come through on last newsletter--sorry.

Sent October 29th 2014

 Yale  daphne Tin Tin Puppies coming Sat  11-1 Here is their bios. The runt is Mikey, a black and brown male. His matching brother is Leonardo.  Mater and Tater are tan and white males. Sheila and kye are black and brown females. Georgia is a tri colored female and finally we have Ellie that is black and white. All puppies are very mild tempered. They range from 31/2 lbs (the runt) the others are 41/2 pounds and the big white and tan males are a little over 5 pounds.   Momma (Loonie Farm...

Wags--puppies 11/1 and some critical foster need for 11/16

Sent October 29th 2014

Hi  Fosters, For those of us with foster dogs this week, Please send updated photos and bios asap.  Also, Please bring your foster to this Sunday's event by 12:30.   If you do not have a foster, there is a litter of 5 or  6 puppies that need  a foster to take them from Saturday 11/1 until Sunday (and then if you would take the not adopted ones home after the event that would be great but not a deal breaker.  If you would be willing to take a set of 2 on Sunday for the week also let me kn...

Wags dogs need a few fosters this week:asap

Sent October 23rd 2014

riley is a super sweet 35-40 lb shepherd mix who has some how found himself at Alyssa's Hound Haven and needs to be liberated.  Well actually he is at Hound Haven because Alyssa was a willing temp foster but there is a hound that need one of her four slots and Riley makes five sooo....... That's where one of you guys comes in.  Riley is an easy keeper. Please let me know if you can foster him so the switch can be made while Alyssa is in PA for work tomorrow or Sunday.  Staying at Hound Haven is  not ...

If you can--Come out today with your foster dog and support Wags!!!!!!

Sent October 18th 2014

Hey fosters if you are looking for something fun to do today, Please consider taking your foster to this awesome event.  Sorry for the late notice--I had a 34 year gradeschool class reunion last night. E ...

This weeks transport----Please commit so they can come

Sent October 16th 2014

Cosette's puppies need fosters or adopters Rocky has a foster Doogie !!!!!!!! Priority---Must have a foster to come!!!!!!! Please consider this 3 year old beagle mixMust have a foster!!!! He is adoreable! Kaitlyn is adopted Sherlock needs a back up plan as he had 20 applications and he adoption may have fallen through----soooo please commit to this guy it is not likely that you will have to foster him.  Emily goes to hound haven with Alyssa unless someone wants to arm wrestle her.  I think my nose is aw...

Need foster Thursday for Diana Prince

Sent October 14th 2014

Diana Prince needs a foster by Thursday.  Her current foster lives 2 hours away and now that the puppies are all gone she would like to see Diana Prince get a chance to be adopted. Diana Prince is spayed and UTD on shots.  She has been living with horses, dogs and cats but might be a little tired of all the little children as she is now nervous around small children (who can blame her most of us would be overwhelmed by more than 3-4 children.  She would do best with a dog that leaves her have her space or...

Urgent!!! Wags foster needed---By Tonight

Sent October 13th 2014

Hi Fosters, We had tons of adoptions yesterday (45-50--I think they slipped a few in after my last count of 45).  With all that awesome adopting comes Monday morning and the buyers remorse, lack of dog savvy and an Urgent need to get a foster because an adopter is threatening to dump their new dog at the SPCA (eventhough they just signed a contract saying they wouldn't do that).  This is where you guys come in....... Cosette was adopted yesterday and needs to destress but the adopter is unable to see through...

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