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Urgent need foster for momma and 1 week old puppies

Sent October 8th 2014

  Can anyone take a foster dog (the one in the pic) and her litter of puppies.  They are 1 week old.  She is great with other dogs and people.  Puppies are one week old.  How can you say no to those eyes?  Let me know asap so we can save her and the babies.  There are a few more photos of puppies and I don't see the total number of babies but can find out for you if you are considering. ...

Huge number of dogs this Sunday! Let me know who you can foster asap.

Sent October 8th 2014

Hi Fosters, This is a big transport weekend and we have tons of dogs/puppies to choose from.  Your choice makes a difference in their lives.  If they don't get picked, they don't get to come to Pa and get adopted this month.  Please let me know your top 7 picks and what your parameters are ---asap -so your choices make transport.  Also, I need a foster starting Friday morning for Diana Prince as her foster needs her moved so she can come to events. Diana Prince---- I Tried to find all the photos...

Saturday Event is Cancelled!!!!!!

Sent October 3rd 2014

The Weather Wimps have spoken--okay well it was an outdoor event and 90 % chance of rain---so probably a good call.   Send good updated pictures of your foster to me asap, along with an updated bio.  We will still be doing private meet and greets when requested.  Looking forward to seeing lots of you tonight at Bingo and next week at the big adoption event.  Let me know if you can foster next weekend. Thanks for what you do!  Kind thoughts, Emily ...

Garth needs foster asap

Sent October 3rd 2014

Everybody loves beagles and Garth is a 2 year old beagle mix who needs a foster.  This poor guy got a really bad infection and had to go to the vet for a few nights but is now ready to go.  In the meantime his foster family had a personal crisis and can't take him.  He is used to living in a house and being cuddled.  Please Foster this sweet boy asap---it's so much easier to feel better when someone loves you!!!! Let me know asap if you can foster Garth starting asap. Kind thoughts, Emily ...

Need a foster switch.

Sent October 1st 2014

 Shancey needs a new foster on Saturday.  Let me know if you can foster her asap. ...

Wags: We need a few more dogs covered or they can't come.

Sent September 25th 2014

 Puppy about 4 months  chi corgi puppy Let me know if you will foster one of these three on Sunday.  They need a commitment to get here. If you want mor info, please ask! E ...

Urgent---Need foster commitent now!!!!

Sent September 24th 2014

Hi Fosters, We urgently need a foster to commit to taking Stitch--He is a blind Puppy. You need to have a kind patient dog to act as a mentor for this sweet boy.  Please consider and let me know asap.  This boy and his mom will be left behind if we can't get a commitment so your choice does matter.  Emily Montross is a super sweet pitty girl that cannot live with cats. She has not gotten a foster and needs one asap.  She lived in a home while in NC and is used to having people around.  She ne...

Desperate!!! Need foster from Wed til Sunday and a few others still need covered on Sunday..Help!

Sent September 23rd 2014

Hi fosters, Alyssa is going away on Wednesday to make the trip to GA so we can all get new fosters and save lots of new dogs!!!  One problem ---We need a place for Jill to go while Alyssa is away.  Jill needs a home where she is not crated because she has recently developed crate anxiety.  She doesn't do anything bad when she is out of the crate, she is house trained and a super chill dog.  Please let me know asap that you can be her vacation foster.  There are no other options then finding a ...

Wags Fosters Newsletter

Sent September 22nd 2014

Hi Fosters,  If you don't see the dog you committed too, that's because I am only putting out the dogs that still neeed fosters.  So if you do not know who you are fostering, Please pick one of the remaining.  This means there are a lot of dogs coming and I really need fosters.  Many fosters are already full (I have two sweet chi mixes if you know anyoe who wants to adopt one!!).  If you haven't had a foster for a while, please consider signing up for one this round!!!  Pick a puppy and i...

Two WAGs Events:tonight and Sunday: Fosters needed tonight!!!

Sent September 12th 2014

Hi fosters, I have a couple of switches needed for tonight after the event (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR FOSTER OR NOT TO TONIGHT AND OR SUNDAY).  Please let me know asap if you can helpout with any of the dogs below.  There is a second event on Sunday in Southhampton at Tamenened Park(check out website) where your foster might get adopted).   Richmond is a perfect dog in an older puppy body--If you foster him you get a bonus good feeling because his current foster is in love with E...

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