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Wags Fundraiser Tonight: Come support WAGS by having food and fun!!!! 20% of bill goes to Wags/Bring The flyer!!!!

Sent September 10th 2014

Taco Night - September 10, 2014 *The Sweet Taco* In front of Lowe's at: 4001 Welsh Road Willow Grove, PA 19090 Directions [*]5:30 pm to 8:30 pm [*]The Sweet Taco will be donating *20%* of your check directly back to Wags [*]You *MUST* print and bring this flyer with you to be sure we receive the donation for our group [*]Come enjoy some Southern-inspired, flavorful Mexican cuisine with an amazing array of unique donuts [*]You will be having a fun time with family and friends while supporting a great cause ...

WAGS needs Fosters this week--Please respond asap.

Sent September 8th 2014

Hi Fosters, If you are not currently fostering anyone or if you are dying to take on another foster,  Wags has some needs this week.  The urgent needs are for Gibson, Zeke, Sammy and Emily .  I need places for Gibson, Zeke and Sammy by Thursday and a place for Emily by Friday.  Please consider one of these three.  Coventry can stay where she is a little longer but the cats are thinking of mutany.  Alma and babies comes on Oct 28th which gives you a little time to plan but let me know asap...

Fosters needed this week!!! Let me know asap who you can foster and they are the lucky ones who get to come!

Sent September 4th 2014

Hi Fosters, Please respond tonight or tomorrow AM if you want to ensure your foster choice makes the bus!!!!  We have lots of dogs and puppies that need fosters if they are not adopted.  We cannot bring up dogs unless we know there is a home for them to go to if they are not adopted.  Please let me know your top 5 choices.  We try to get everyone one of the top 5 choices but please let me know if you are willing to take a left over at the end if your top 5 are adopted.  Left overs are fun and v...

Urgent: need a foster for Daisy now.

Sent August 28th 2014

Daisy is about 3, house trained and great with kids.  She likes dogs her size and larger.  I need a foster asap to avoid her owners dumping her at the SPCA.  She is perfect but the family Pug doesn't like her and the feeling seems to be mutual.  Please let me know if you can foster Daisy. Also, don't forget our adoption event is Friday night at Pet Valu.  I hope to see lots of you there. Kind thoughts, Emily Schnarr ...

Reminder: Dog's Night Out at the Park Tonight

Sent August 19th 2014

For all foster families in the Trappe area, this is a friendly reminder of the Dog's Night Out at the Park event tonight behind the Trappe Shopping Center. If you are able to bring your foster out for some fun at the park, this is a great opportunity for our dogs to be seen by people not familiar with Wags. I apologize for the late reminder, but all of the information is below. *Waterworks Park* Located behind the Trappe Shopping Center at: 230 W First Avenue Trappe, PA 19426 Directions [*]6 pm till dusk [*]Scaven...

Urgent--Foster needed this morning or Clank aka Dublin goes to the SPCA

Sent August 18th 2014

Clank (Dublin) needs a place to stay until we can asses his behavior.  We need a foster that is willing to crate him and rotate him.  He is not getting along with the resident dog he is living with.  A submissive female would probably be best (unless we have a foster that doesn't have a dog at all but that is usually too much to hope for in rescue) and slow introductions or no introductions and just crate and rotate.  This is Urgent as the owner is taking him to the SPCA in the morning.&nbs...

Wags Huge Transport---Need lots of commitments for lots of dogs and more puppies!!!!

Sent August 18th 2014

Hi Fosters, I will be sending out a second e-mail by tomorrow with the GA dogs that are coming Sunday.  These are the NC Dogs that need fosters, who are also coming Sunday.  This means there are lots of foster dogs and puppies to go around!!! Please take someone--or two or three if they are small!  If you have not had a foster for a while, Now would be a great time to get one!  Please consider taking an older puppy or adult dog as it is harder to get them fosters.  Please let me know your top ...

Urgent!!! Nibbler must have a foster by tomorrow!!!!

Sent August 7th 2014

    Nibler is 7 months old.  Recovering from back leg surgery with no restrictions.  He needs to be in foster tomorrow as he can not stay at the hospital any longer.  He is a Lab/Weimeraner mix breed.  He is super sweet.  Please let me know if you can foster him asap.  Kind thoughts, Emily ...

Wags Rescue:: Need new photos for all Wags dogs and new Bios

Sent August 5th 2014

Hi Fosters, Please take a moment to e-mail me a new bio for your foster dog.  Also, please include your name and your Wags foster dogs (Wags name)--I just got a new computer and I need to make sure I got everything back working correctly and didn't lose too much info. Bio can include:  fun facts about your dog, good behavior, what you like about your foster etc.  Please don't put in negative comments as there will be time for that when someone is interested.  It is always good to lead with your be...

Foster needed for one dog recovering from surgery and vacation foster.

Sent August 3rd 2014

Hi Fosters, Nibbler needs a foster tomorrow.  He has had surgery on his back leg and is clear to leave the vet hospital.  He has no restrictions but has a cone to keep him from licking his stitches.  This sweet boy needs a place to chill.  He is a super friendly 7-8 month old . He is listed as a Weimeraner/Lab mix.  His photo doesn't show how beautiful he is in person.  Please let me know asap if you can foster this sweet boy as he needs to get out of medical boarding tomorrow!!!! Hoppin...

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