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Need a few dogs covered if not adopted on Sunday.

Sent November 17th 2015

Hi Fosters,  Just a quick note of Thanks for all you do!!!  Wags doesn't work if we don't have fosters willing to bring dogs/puppies into their homes to help save them.  We have three dogs that are in need of fosters starting after the event on Sunday if they are not adopted.  Please let me know if you are open and can take one of these awesome dogs. Kind thoughts, Emily Cinderella is a 1.5year old black lab mix.  Good with other dogs and Kids.  Needs a fenced yard and leash training.&...

Last call to foster ---their lives depend on us being willing

Sent November 6th 2015

Hi Foster, Here is the list of dogs eligable for transport.  The photos are of pictures of dogs that I do not have covered.  If you would like one of these dogs to come up you need to commit to fostering them.  I am playing Russian Rolete myself and have committed to approx 10 dogs with the hopes I will only have to bring home 5 but I am prepared to take all 10 because I know this is the only way that they can get up here.  If you are the gambling type and would like to cover another dog or if you...

Few Switches and Vaca needed---it only works if ........

Sent November 2nd 2015

Hi Fosters-- I know that there is a huge transport coming but we have a few PA needs to deal with first.  I need these dogs covered asap.  Please let me know if you can foster one of them. Kind thoughts, Emily Sincere needs a foster asap. He was adopted yesterday to a first time dog owner and he was more then they can handle. Sincere is an approx 9 month old dalmatian mix. He is treating the small children in the house too much like dog playmates and needs a foster who has older children/no children or wil...

Foster commitnents needed now for next Sunday!

Sent November 1st 2015

Hey Fosters, The following three dogs need fosters after the event tomorrow. Doogie Talbot   I was kidding--likely adopted and surrendering family will keep till adopted Mcgee  Adopted Peter Piper                                   have a few possibilities The next group of dogs are the wish list form 11/8 If there is a dog that you woul...

Quick event reminder for tomorrow.

Sent October 23rd 2015

Hi fosters,  Tomorrow is a fun event  in Chestnut Hill.  Please consider bringing your foster dog out for this event--It is a totally different venue and is a great opportunity for your foster to be seen by lots of new people. Sat, Oct 24th 12 pm - 3 pm Laurel Hill Gardens 8125 Germantown Ave Philadelphia PA 19118 ...

Urgent--WAGs Dog at SPCA needs foster

Sent October 19th 2015

Lilly is an adopted WAGS dog whose people don't like that she has separation anxiety and they don't have time for her and they would like to surrender her back to WAGS---Oh and by the way she ran away 3 weeks ago and the SPCA called WAGS this morning to say they have her and her owners don't want her back.    WAGs needs a foster to step up now to save Lilly.   We have a wealth of support and knowledge in the group to help deal with separation anxiety.  You supply the home and love.  Pl...

GA Dogs and a few Switches.

Sent October 14th 2015

GA Dogs coming on Sunday to HVH that need fosters or adopters Rebel female 9-10 week sweet JRT/pit mix This is new pictures of Sam. Walker hound.  He is doing good,he  was heart worm positive , and  treated  8-20 and 8-21. He has been neutered and had all shots. A hunter didn't want him any more,and gave us $ to get him treated. Sam is an indoor outdoor guy , He uses the doggy door and gets along good with everybody. Sam is 5-7 years old but acts like a teenager. Loki came from Lana Minchew,he is ...

Some dogs need switched n covered

Sent October 13th 2015

Hi Fosters, We have some switches that need to happen and some surrenders that need covered.  Please help if at all possible. We still have lots of puppies that are enmassed in a few homes and also some coming from GA on Sunday that need covered---so if you are a puppy foster and open--let me know and I will get you filled up. A few fosters stepped up and took dogs home temporarily so that they didn't have to go into boarding and those dogs need to move in the next few day.  Let me know if you can foster ...

LOST WAGS Dog!!!!! Help Look!

Sent October 12th 2015

Please Help!! ...

We are really low on foster commitments---Please commit now

Sent October 9th 2015

Hey fosters, There weren't many commitments to foster this round.  The big transport is only once a month now--with adoption events every weekend.  Please help out by committing to foster ---they can't come unless you commit!!!! There are all shapes, sizes, ages and colors that need fosters.  I have sent out two lists with photos---please fish them out of your trash and look them over and let me know who you can take home if not adopted on Sunday.  Please let me know your parameters and I can help...

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