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Huge Transport Oct 11 Need all fosters and then some!!!!

Sent October 5th 2015

Hi Fosters, Here is the much awaited second list--sorry --there are a few dogs on the list that I couldn't get photos for---Please feel free to get them and post on FB Foster page to help them get seen.  I need your top 5 choices from both lists or top 7 from this list if you don't have any from the first.--It would help me if you send all in one e-mail.  I need commitments asap so we can get the dogs on the transport for Sunday.  There are lots of great dogs that have been waiting for a long time. ...

Oct 11th Foster needed for Transport-List One

Sent October 1st 2015

Hey Fosters, List one of two for transport Sunday--Let me know your Top 5 picks from this list and then we will have list 2 for your top 5 picks. Please don't promise who you are taking on Facebook as we never truly know until the van is packed.    We need lots of foster commitments especially for older dogs or they can't come if they have no where to go.  As always there are also lots of puppies that will need covered.  Please let me know if you would like to foster ...

Switches and coverage for Sunday--NEED Fosters-please read til end

Sent September 26th 2015

Hi Fosters, I have some switches for Sunday.  These are good dogs just in the wrong houses for what they need: one has never had to pee on a leash before, one isn't liked by resident small dog,  two are just impulse adoptions and stupid people, and ..... Tom Cruise needs a foster 6 yr old boxer 60 lbs. good with dogs and kids (the yorkie is un molseted and hates him --he's a good boy!) Brock chased the cat and is now confused and overwhelmed --needs a fenced yard and some training (firm foster needed) Prefe...

Wags Fosters Newsletter

Sent September 17th 2015

H i Fosters, Here is the short list that I need covered on Sunday from GA:  Stella Mae-Rottweiler mix 35 pounds heartworm negative go with everybody -Needs foster     Darvin six-month-old Doxy mix-Great with kids cats dogs heartworm negative -NEEDS Foster Through brindle puppy 25 pounds five-month-old male loves everyone total cuddle bug -NEEDS foster Saroo five month old puppy red brindle lives with Toddler lovers everyone-NEEDS Foster If you can foster one of these 4 dogs/ puppies let me kno...

Urgent reply in 15 minutes or puppies get left behind

Sent September 12th 2015

The five Jimmy Hendrix puppies need a foster in 20 minutes or theuy get left behind.  I need a commitment this second---even if you can only take one or two---respond now. E ...

Kitten/Cat foster needed asap

Sent September 11th 2015

Hi Fosters, I still need more commitments for the dogs and puppies coming on Sunday--just in case you forgot to let me know you could take someone.  And on an entirely different note: There are a number of older kittens that need fosters or adopters NOW.  They need out asap they look like:     The kittens along with the momma (who looks like them) all need moved asap.  Their foster needs them moved as they are all nearly adults.  They are litter box trained and super sweet----...

Fosters Needed on Sunday-----List 2

Sent September 10th 2015

Hi Fosters, So we still need more foster commitments on the list I sent out 2 days ago (Maggie dogs) and here is the list of dogs for Sunday that need fosters from Harnett.  Please let me know asap your top 6 choices and if you would take a left over that matched your criteria.  Sorry this is so late ----just got back from an awesome vaca in Alaska (jet lag stinks but trips are terrific).  Gummi‚Äôs pups (9) (3 month Lab Mixes    Razzle (Male) Laffy Taffy (M)   Skittles (M)&n...

Fosters Needed for Sunday! (continued)

Sent September 10th 2015

Hi Fosters, Please see the attached transport list with additional dogs and reply with your top 6 picks. Thanks, Jordan ...

Fosters Needed for Sunday!

Sent September 10th 2015

Hi Fosters, We still need a lot of commitments for the transport on Sunday. Please reply with your top 6 picks. Sincerely, Jordan Aunt Bea (SF/1yr/36lbs/HW-)    Aviana (SF/1yr/38lbs/HW-)  Baloo (NM/1.5yrs/64.1lbs/HW-)                Bob Marley (NM/1.5yrs/57lbs/HW-)   Boccie (NM/1yr/44lbs/HW-)   Braithwaite Rose (SF/8m/40lbs/HW- on 8/18/15)   Brit Pups x 2 (12w/15lbs on 8/12/15)  &nbs...

Wags Fosters Newsletter

Sent September 8th 2015

Hello Fosters, I apologize for the less formal attached word doc transport list but I'm short on time today. Please let us know your selections as soon as possible. I'll send another tonight with the list and pictures embedded in the newsletter itself for anyone that may not have microsoft word. Thanks, Jordan ...

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