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Transport weekend and big event ---Need foster commitments!

Sent September 8th 2015

Hi Fosters, We still need a lot of commitments for the transport on Sunday. Please reply with your top 6 picks. Sincerely, Jordan Aunt Bea (SF/1yr/36lbs/HW-)    Aviana (SF/1yr/38lbs/HW-)  Baloo (NM/1.5yrs/64.1lbs/HW-)                Bob Marley (NM/1.5yrs/57lbs/HW-)   Boccie (NM/1yr/44lbs/HW-)   Braithwaite Rose (SF/8m/40lbs/HW- on 8/18/15)   Brit Pups x 2 (12w/15lbs on 8/12/15)  &nbs...

Urgent: Need Fosters for Rambo & Traxx

Sent September 6th 2015

Hi Fosters, Rambo and Traxx need fosters ASAP. Please see their pictures and info below. _Rambo Bones_ This two year old, Staffordshire Terrier terrier weighs in at 40 lbs. Owner surrendered to a high kill shelter in Eastern North Carolina, he was thankfully rescued when his time was up! Rambo is great with  children most female dogs and cats. He walks very well on a leash, is crate trained and is housebroken. No male or dominant dogs, but was fine with Tiffany's multiple female dogs of all sizes. He h...

Urgent need two or three fosters!!!!

Sent August 23rd 2015

Hi Fosters,  A few dogs need places to go.  Macie and Gracie need foster by tomorrow night!  Either together or seperate.  Tonda Lee needs a foster this week. Let me know asap if you can take any one of these three dogs. Also,  need updated photos and bios on all dogs in foster--please include WAGS Name on all photos. Kind thoughts, Emily Macie and Gracie both need fosters tomorrow.  They can be fostered together or seperate.  I need them covered starting tomorrow.  If you ...

Small GA Transport (Sunday) and Fundraiser tomorrow

Sent August 18th 2015

Hey Fosters, There is a small GA transport this weekend and we need a few dogs covered. Please let me know who you can cover. Also we have a few switches needed and a fund raiser event tomorrow Please come to the fundraiser if you can--it should be fun!!!! Ruby needs a foster switch: GA Dogs for Sunday--Need fosters Blossom ( 7 month Shep with corrected defective foot)- This photo is before surgery photo --she is fixed up and good as new Wiley-10 week old brindle pit-NEED Xander- 18 week old red pit (Wiley an...

Wags Urgent--Transport on Sunday ---Overload in NC and nowhere for the dogs to go here!

Sent August 14th 2015

Hi Fosters, It is Crunch time and the transport list is being finalized.  There is an overload of dogs in NC and very few fosters in PA that are open.  We need any open foster that can take a puppy or adult dog to step up now.  If you have already committed--Thank you.  If you are waiting to see ---please don't ----We cannot bring a dog without a committed foster--so they can't come unless you commit today!!!!!  If you are not sure what dog might work for you or who is available---just let me ...

Need fosters for Aug 16 transport

Sent August 10th 2015

Hi Fosters, First off --I have an urgent need of a foster for Deja Blue--She is an awesome adult flat coated retriever--She was adopted and the 2 year old was hospitalized with an Asthma attack---The family has tried to shampoo and everything they can but their child cannot be in the house with the dog.  The child and momma are at Grandma's until we can get a foster --This is Urgent.  Need a foster now!!!!!  Need someone to step up. Spice is also a priority as she was transferred to a Wags sister orga...

Urgent Wags----need vaca foster for Knoxx

Sent August 5th 2015

Mike and Deb are leaving on vaca and I need a place for Knoxx to go by Saturday.  Please let me know that you will foster him.     He has two applications in on him and he is an awesome dog.  Any questions FB PM Mike Stotler and he will answer.    It only works if we help each other out.  Mike and Deb will take him back as soon as vaca is over if he is not adopted.  I need responses asap. Kind thoughts, Emily ...

Few switches needed---Please let me know if you can foster someone on the list

Sent July 31st 2015

Hi Fosters, Please reply to this e-mail with who you are currently fostering and/or update the foster google doc.  (I'm just back from vaca and getting paperwork caught up--if you tell me it is easier then me tracking you all down--thanks in advance). Also, updated photos are really helpful in getting your foster dog adopted! Please send some now. We have a few dogs that need foster switches asap.  Let me know who you can take. Hope you are all doing well this Summer and I look forward to seeing most of yo...

Wags Urgent Please Read

Sent July 16th 2015

Although Wags allows imput from fosters on the placement of their adult dogs,  Fosters need to remember that the ultimate decision on the welfare and placement of all Wags dogs is up to Wags Rescue and it's board of directors. Fosters may not give a dog over to anyone for adoption before making sure all the paperwork is done and the fee is paid.  This can only  be done by getting the go ahead from a senior volunteer-----listed on your Wags contact form.If you don't have one, email me at fosters@wagsresc...

Lots more to choose from and a few need fosters now.

Sent July 11th 2015

Okay fosters here is the second list, starting at one.  But first there are also a few current up here dogs that need covered.   Forty Winks is a 10 month old choc lab mix who loves to play and would like a like minded doggie friend. looks like choc lab- Top Ten picks over two newsletters.  Please take a dog if you haven't had one in a whild. Kind thoughts, Emily Mallon from last newsletter GSD Puppy   1 Dean (Opals pup) shep/husky mix 15 ADOPTED 2 Kirk (Opals pup) shep mix 15 ADOPTED 24 Lorelei...

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