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Sent July 10th 2015

Hi Fosters, This is the Maggie List to the best of my ability with as many photos as I could get.  There are still a bunch missing and lots of them are puppies (so if you can take puppies there are 10 litters backed up in NC besides these (it's a bad time of year and it is raining puppies everywhere down there).  On the list are a number of Prego momma's, Please Consider doing a litter---It is an amazing experince (and a lot of work but totally worth it!!!!!!!).  There are lots of people on vaca this t...

Three foster dogs need foster homes this week--Let me know ASAP

Sent June 29th 2015

 Dawkins is great with kids, dogs, and women but was abused by a man and has some issues and needs slow intros.  If you have no adult males in the house you would be a great foster for this sweet boy.  He is a young adult GSD Mix and needs a foster now. Annabelle needs a foster.  She is sweet but doesn't like cats.  She has some anxiety issues but is a good dog. Let me know if you can foster Annabelle.  She was adopted from Wags as a puppy and loved for 3 years until her owners new boyfrie...

Help for Dawkins

Sent June 24th 2015

Dawkins is looking for a special foster home--with no male or low testosterone type males of the not very large varitey and ones that just leave a dog alone and maybe drop small pieces of hotdogs a lot. Dawkins has been assessed by a trainer and feels he is a scared dog that has been abused by a man and he needs some work but he is young and smart and just needs the right situation.   Dawkins is awesome with children and I will be posting his video on the Fosters of Wags Rescue facebook page with him and his origi...

Wags--fund raiser and a couple dogs need fosters

Sent June 23rd 2015

Hi Fosters, A small transport is planned for this weekend from GA--Dogs/puppies coming Sunday time and place to be determined. We need fosters---let me know if you can take someone (check facebook for photos of who needs foster)---I will try to get another newsletter out but I am swamped with my business until June 30th and this may be the best I can do. I also need a foster for Barsi (preferably by Friday so she has a chance to get to the adoption events)--She was adopted but the wife is allergic (insert heavy sigh...

Urgent--Time is running out! Need Foster commitment NOW!!!

Sent June 20th 2015

The Van will be leaving this evening and many adult dogs will NOT be on it.  We do not have fosters to cover more then 5 adult dogs.  The puppies are mostly covered if we have a good adoption turn out.   If you foster 1 adult dog you save three lives---The MATH 1 dog you foster opens up 1 slot for a dog to be saved from the kill shelter and that dog goes to our sister group in NC that dog opens up 1 slot for a dog that would have been killed because this is the summer and there is NO ROOM at the shelter...

Big Transport and very few responses. Need Commitments NOW!!

Sent June 17th 2015

Hey Fosters,   Please commit to a puppy or dog asap so that we can actually have a transport on Sunday.  I know many of you are on vacation but there are also others that haven't had dogs/puppies in a while and we need you!!!! There aren't enough foster commitments to actually do a transport please help rectify this--we have until Friday night to get enough fosters so that the transport can come.   Please help Wags to move some of these dogs to PA as the fosters down in NC are over flowing............ I...

Transport June 21---Need fosters.

Sent June 14th 2015

Hi Fosters, Here are some of the dogs to choose from to foster off the transport on Sunday.  Please feel free to take their photos and post on your walls and advertise your favorites to your friends.   This is the full Harrnett list and a partial Wilson list.  If a dog you wanted to foster last month is not on this list include them in your picks as they are probably available to come this month---I just ran out of time and don't have the Wilson list yet (or one of the dogs or cats at my house ate it (o...

Vaca foster needed tomorrow. and couple fosters needed after event on Sunday.

Sent June 11th 2015

Rainer and  Bing need vaca fosters tomorrow.  Need a foster asap.  PLZ HElP Selah is a beautiful blind senior Pomeranian.  She needs a foster or adopter on Sunday.  Need a commitment now. Cody Wags needs a foster Sunday after the event.  He has two applications in for him.  Please consider fostering him if he is not adopted. Thanks for all you guys do and thanks in advance for your quick response and more people to foster then I have dogs (fingers crossed) Emily  ...

Annabelle needs a foster asap

Sent June 8th 2015

Annabelle was adopted from Wags about 3 years ago and was loved and cared from but her forever home got a new Boyfriend and it would seem he is allergic.  Wags got Annabelle back on Sunday and she was being the perfect dog at her new foster home---until she found out they have cats.  Annabelle seems to be overly fond of cat and not in a good way.  I need a foster without cats, who is willing to foster this sweet, house trained, little bit shy girl until she finds her forever home--preferrably with someone...

Need foster before next weekend

Sent June 7th 2015

This 8 month old needs a foster asap or he will be dumped at shelter.  He is a Wheaton terrier type dog and owner wants him out now.  Let me know if you can take him starting before the weekend--as soon as you can. E ...

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