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Wags---Pictures are worth a thousand words--and get dogs adopted

Sent June 2nd 2015

Hi Fosters, You know that you guys truly Rock!!!!  Lots of dogs got adopted last Sunday and a ton went into great foster homes and are waiting for their forever home.  To Help them get that forever home, Wags needs you to take good photos of your foster dog/puppy and send them along with their WAGS NAME--(it is the only name that can be used when referring to the dog for adoption--this avoids confusion as well) and a brief Bio.   Please make Bios positive and up beat.   If the dog/puppy has issues...

Duke needs a foster tonight!

Sent June 1st 2015

Duke is having a hard time decompressing from transport and it has made him really grumpy.   He has been good with others before but currently he needs a foster with NO CATS and NO DOGS ---which we all know isn't gonna happen because we all have well lots of dogs and cats.  If you can find a spare room or just willing to crate and rotate you will save this poor boy the long ride back to NC.  I need someone tonight!!!!  Even if it is only for a week so we can figure out what to do with him (okay 3 day...

Urgent need fosters for big transport on Sunday, May 31st

Sent May 26th 2015

Hi Fosters, I have sent out the Harrnett list and the Wilson list of dogs which are slotted to come on Sunday.  So far I have had an abismal response (if you have responded --thank you!!!)  There are 202 people receiving this newsletter and less then 5 % responded so I am pleading again as we need to have a back up plan for every dog on transport--if you are lucky they will get adopted or you will have a terrific foster dog that you love for a few weeks (depending on what you think is good luck). If you hav...


Sent May 22nd 2015

Please take a moment to print the kennel license until yours comes.  Of course this only applies to the fosters on the foster newsletter.  ...

Two dogs This week and Quite a few more then two on May 31st--Maggie Society List

Sent May 19th 2015

Kris Kringle needs foster now.. Please let me know asap if you can foster him. Buddy needs a foster this weekend--He has been recouping from his leg surgery and is not ready for a foster (not his current medical foster)  Please let me know asap if you can take Buddy.     Hi Fosters!   Hope you are loving this beautiful weather as much as I am.  With the beautiful weather comes lots of new dogs and a huge transport on May 31st with Harnett and Maggie Society dogs coming up--Likely 100+ d...

Huge Transport!!!! May 31st. Harnett List

Sent May 8th 2015

Okay--Here it is for planning ahead.  There will be a later list for the Wilson dogs---  So give me your top 5 picks of this list and then your top 5 picks on that list when it comes out and You are bound to get one of the dogs you picked.    This will be a large transport so please take a foster dog if you haven't in  a while. Kind thoughts, Emily  1. Molly K - black lab - 77# - has interested foster in PA   2. Ebeneezer - pit -53# - Jeannie said she would try him out   ...

Need fosters on Saturday--( or before in some cases)

Sent May 7th 2015

Hi fosters, Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.  What better present then to bring home a new foster right now?    Remember --this is just what we do.  And that is why rescue works. That said the following need covered. Stonewall Jackson   Stonewall Jackson. 8 month old "all american mutt". Great with dogs, kids, cats. Cautious with people, but *wants* to trust/get loving. Food motivated. Crate trained. Walks gently on leash. Loves playing with toys and chewing on antlers. Recoveri...

Small transport but some dogs that need covered on Sunday!

Sent May 1st 2015

Please let me know who you can take. See you on Sunday. Kind thoughts, Emily Hachi needs a foster with older children.    Snapdragon needs a foster    Susanne is bringing a 10 month old lab mix home from Italy (just letting you know --but this one won't be here on Sunday--but in another week)  Let me know if this surprises you. Catahula pups      Shawn and Gretchen White pup and Merle pup.... LaylaBug      Now 6 months old Layla    ...

Urgent need fosters this week.

Sent April 27th 2015

Hi fosters, Two of the reasons Wags will no longer adopt siblings to the same person are in desperate need of foster homes.  Their adopter has a 4 year old and the two dogs are too energetic and they don't have time to train the two dogs  now that they are adults.  The family is tired of waiting for a foster (and haven't been able to bring the dogs to a single adoption event so they would have a chance to get adopted) and will be seeking new homes for the dogs by taking them to the SPCA if a foster home...

Need more fosters--and some sleep!!!!

Sent April 24th 2015

Hi fosters, Please let me know if you can take someone and your parameters asap or many of these dogs will be left behind on Sunday!     Only a few photos missing now.  Please consider taking a foster if you haven't in a while!!!! Let me know your top 5-8 picks and parameters (if mine gets adopted, I want a male, etc)   New fosters---just let me know who looks good to you and your top choices and we will try to give you a quickly adopted, hopefully easy first foster. Kind thoughts, Emily &n...

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