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Wags 4/26 the rest of the list you were waiting for

Sent April 20th 2015

Hi Fosters, This is the wish list from Wilson/ Maggie Society--Again top 8 between this list and the previous newsletter list.  If you see a dog description but no photo and want more info let me know--I'll see what I can do. Remember we can't bring them if they have nowhere to go if not adopted.  Please help them have a chance at the good life. Kind thoughts, Emily Max needs a foster ---any questions feel free to ask his temp foster Alyssa. Blue Suede Shoes (M/5yrs/25lbs/HW-)     ...

Wags-Transport 4/26 Need fosters! commit early and often!

Sent April 19th 2015

Okay Fosters, Here are the choices for 4/26 Please let me know your top 8 picks --try to pick a few from each list. These are the Harnett dogs coming and must have foster: . Payson - 1 yr old 67# pit/lab mix; great with kids and dogs    2. Topaz - 1 yr old 40# border collie mix, great with dogs and   3. Willa - 1 yr old 30# lab mix, great with dogs and cats.  HW TREATED 4. Ebeneezer (need ur thoughts on him) - not sure what to do - NEEDS LARGE DOG HOME 1 yr old pitbull   5. Mathis - 1 yr old 6...

Need a few fosters--ONE PREGO!!

Sent April 15th 2015

Hi Fosters, I have a few dogs that need fosters  now and I will send the plea list for 4/26 in a few days.   Urgent need for this prego momma in the shelter--she was turned in with a Pembroke Corgi who is thought to be the puppy daddy.  Her photos look pitty but the people in NC say she is more houndish and is more like a Carolina dog.  She has no name as of this mailing and will be put to death if rescue is not found.   Harry (Snap Jack)--was adopted with his brother as an older puppy and no...

fosters needed now and Sunday!!!! Please help especially if you haven't taken someone in a while

Sent April 8th 2015

Hi Fosters, I need a few dogs switched out. And So far I have Widdle, Capone and Biscuit covered for Sunday 4/12 --so when you are giving me your parameters please don't put them on your list of top 5 as they are already assigned. Top 5 picks and parameters along with some new photos and bios for your current dogs so we can get them adopted.   Events this weekend   Wags at Crossfit Generation's Masters of the Universe Competition - April 11 Join us this Saturday to support Wags and the many Crossfit ...

GA Transport 4/12 need fosters!!! Let me know who you can commit too.

Sent April 6th 2015

Hi fosters,  Hope you all had a great Easter/and or are having a great Passover, Happy Spring to all. We have a transport coming April 12 and need some fosters.  We also need great photos of your current dogs and updated bios so they will get adopted.   Please take a moment to look at the dogs in need of foster and let me know if you can foster one.   There is a Prego on the list and this is approximately a 2 month commitment --It is one of the coolest experiences of fostering and great educatio...

Urgent need foster tomorrow

Sent April 3rd 2015

I need a foster for Tootsie tomorrow.  Her foster just got a prego that is due any day and Tootsie needs to move.  Eileen can answer any questions about Tootsie--just let me know you are interested and I will get you in contact with her.   Tootsie is an easy foster dog.  She is very playful and sweet.  She is housebroken.  She has no bad habits at home--she just doesn't do well at adoption events.  Tootsie is a chocolate lab mix . Please let me know asap if you can foster Tootsie or...

Wags Puppies for Easter what could be more fun!!!!

Sent March 27th 2015

Hey fosters, I still have a ton of puppies not covered.  I would love to share the wealth and fun.  Your family will love doing Easter with a couple of puppies.  It could become a new Easter tradition. If you could shoe horn a couple puppies in at your house ---I will try to get them adopted really quick!!!!  Did I forget to say Pretty Please with a Cherry on top? Well here the sweet little things are.  Remember if we don't get them adopted when they are cute......... Southern Siblings (4) ...

There really are a ton of dogs that still do not have fosters! Help!!

Sent March 24th 2015

 Hi Fosters, So approximately 100 dogs are on their way to PA this Sunday and I still really need fosters.  Help decide who gets to come.  If you have already sent your list, you can add one or two of these dogs for good measure.  However, I really need anyone who doesn't have a foster and hasn't replied to commit to someone.  There are a buch of Shitzu's from a hording case on this list (okay so I don't have nice after pics or have any idea which ones are which but that will come--just say I ...

Huge Transport!!!! Please Commit to taking so they can come.

Sent March 21st 2015

Hi Fosters, I'm hold up in my stinking hot car outside a trailor stealing someones wifi to send this on my vacation ..  Please don't make this a futile effort.  I don't wanna turn on the car to allert the owner and maybe get shot as I am in backwoods gator country.   Colleen has only texted me three times asking when I would get it out--so keep your fingers crossed that it only takes 15 more minutes .  So far I have eluded discovery.   Because of this I am letting you pull up your old newslet...

Must have Foster NOW!!!!!

Sent March 18th 2015

  Mable and Marilyn ( oh i hope I got the names correct)  Need a foster NOW!!!  They were foster to adopted and now they want them out because the husband is allergic.  He can't come out of his room and has needed to go to the doctor to deal with his allergies to these two hypoallergenic dogs.    Okay --let's not look to close---these two sweet girls need a foster asap.  They are 3 and 6 years old.  I need them moved today.  If you can foster please text Colleen asap---2...

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