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Wags Urgent Please respond!

Sent March 13th 2015

Hi Fosters, 174 fosters (e-mail addresses receive this newsletter)  I need each and everyone of you to know that Saturday's Wags Adoption event is cancelled.  I repeat there will be no event on Sat at Petvalu!!!!!   Please e-mail me back and let me know that you got this e-mail.  If I do not get an e-mail reply, I will be forced to start calling you to make sure that you and your foster dog are not going to go out and stand in the rain---hopelessly waiting for other Wags people to arrive.  Wh...

Wags Transport 3-28 and a few switches

Sent March 13th 2015

Hi Fosters, I still have a few returns and foster vaca (switches) not covered.  Drea needs moved by March 26---She is a puppy and is already trained near perfection     Daria needs a foster until Wednesday when she will be adopted again.   We have a transport on 3/28 and I need foster commitments in order for these dogs to make transport.  Please give me your top 5 picks and parameters (ie if mine is adopted). Wags only works if we have fosters to take the dogs.  Some of these dog...

need a few fosters and event Sat cancelled.

Sent March 13th 2015

I have a few dogs that need fosters asap.   Mabel and Marilynn are two poodles 3 and 5 years old and they would do best staying together from what I have been told.  They are super sweet but husband is allergic so they are coming back.  Please let me know if you can foster these two well mannered girls.  Wish I still had a photo but alas it is not on Petfinder any longer.  They are two smallish poodles (not tea cup or Standard--whatever that mid size is called---Something exotic --like a minit...

Urgent Vacation foster needed tonight!!!!!!! or tomorrow AM!!!

Sent March 10th 2015

Ronna is housetrained and super sweet. I need her covered tonight if at all possible and no later then tomorrow.  Please respond asap if you can cover her. Kindthoughts, Emily  ...

Still lots not covered for 3/8 Sunday!!!!

Sent March 5th 2015

Hi Fosters, If you are a puppy foster, please let me know if you can take a couple.  I have a bunch not covered and I need a back up plan.   Not to scare anyone but ---I will not be at  the 3/8 event.  Don't worry --you will all be in the capable hands of Colleen, Amy and all the other Senior Volunteers.  Stay calm and just keep offering to take puppies, dogs or to clean up and it will all be okay.    Please--If at all possible offer to foster someone.  Especially if you h...

Wags Fosters Newsletter

Sent March 1st 2015

Hi Fosters, I ran out of time tonight so I don't have all the photos.  I will try to get them tomorrow- Check to see if your name is next to a dog and confirm you are taking that dog---asap.  If a dog doesn't have a name next to it.  Let me know you  can foster that dog.  If you would like to be a back up plan for a dog with a name let me know that also. Kind thoughts, Emily  1.Patch beagle-Alyssa * 2.Angel hound-Alyssa * 3.Penelope and her 4 pups-* 4.Madison shep mix pup-Amy ...

Quick Reminder and Plea

Sent February 27th 2015

Okay--I still need fosters for Harlan, Duncan and a pile of puppies.  Please let me know asap.  Please call me 267-981-5901 or text it works better for me.  if your foster gets adopted and you can take someone.  I will be doing the adoptions at my house and will have to get someone else ot beg for me.   My husband just reminded me that I am two months over due on getting my PA Dog license for 2015---So That's what I did on line just before writing you all----And I figured if I forgot some of y...

Two newsletters in one night---Wow

Sent February 25th 2015

This is Duncan--the dog needing foster tomorrow or Friday.  He has a broken leg but specialist thinks the leg can be saved.  He is good with other dogs and loves people.  Let me know asap if you can foster him. I need a foster for Harlan---He is a 6 year old HWT'd neutered male yellow lab.  He is big sweet and doofy.  He is good with other dogs--but doesn't like constant annoyance from puppies --so if you have an annoying in your face kinda dog or puppy--please don't offer to foster this awesom...

Some Switches needed. Let me know if you can foster.

Sent February 25th 2015

Urgent need of Foster for Duncan--He is being released from Medical boarding tomorrow or the next day and I need a foster home for him.  I don't have a photo---Anyone who was at the event will remember the large white/brownbrindle "lab mix" with the broken leg.   The leg specialist saw some weight bearing on the leg and believes it can be saved and will re-evaluate in a month.  He has been totally non-reactive with other dogs and is super sweet.  He will need to be kept quiet and not allow...

Wags-Neither Ice nor Snow nor sleet or Rain--were like the post man

Sent February 21st 2015

Hi Fosters, There are about 70 dogs and puppies coming tomorrow on transport --did I meantion a cat and a goat---oh I do digress. The Mallons are loaded up and on their way back to Pa. I know this is getting to you a little late but I just finished shoveling my very long driveway so I can get to the Wag adoption event.  I have faith that the area road  crews will have everything plowed salted and the 40 degree weather tomorrow is gonna make for a super fun day.   We still need lots of volunteers to he...

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