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Still need a few dogs covered

Sent February 20th 2015

Hi Fosters, Some dogs still not covered.  Please let me know if you can foster one of these dogs. If you haven't fostered in a while ---this would be a great weekend to take someone.There are a ton coming.  Thanks for all you do by fostering! If you know anyone who would like to donate dry puppy food--Wags needs it!!  We are really really low.  It can be brought to the adoption event. Kind thoughts, Emily   Danish is really sweet girl! Good with kids and other dogs. Living with a wond...

Please Consider one of these more urgent dogs for you list this Sunday

Sent February 17th 2015

Hi fosters, These are most of the dogs whose pictures I didn't have yesterday.  Please take a moment to read their bios and see if you can add one to your list.   Most of these dogs are not in nice southern foster homes.  Many are living in boarding until a nice foster home opens up--That's where we come in.  Please consider one of these dogs that don't have a foster getting pictures on the web all the time. Wilford Brimley We wish this great dog could tell us his story! This Rottie is around eigh...

Wags list with pics for Sunday---Lots of dogs need Fosters.

Sent February 16th 2015

Okay fosters,   Here is the much awaited List of dogs.  Please give me your top 10  picks and remember it's about being flexible so all the dogs get to go into nice warm homes.  Colleen and I will be assigning dogs based on best fits for all involved. Please consider a name without a photo--Many of these dogs are down there in boarding and I can't get photos and you know how likely it is to get adopted when you don't have a photo. If I get some more of the photos that I am begging for --I will se...

Wags Rescue some key information

Sent February 15th 2015

Hi Fosters, I'm hoping to have photos of the dogs and a lits by tonight so you can choose.  I have heard from some of you that you can foster but I still need some more commitments to foster as there are a ton of dogs and puppies in NC who need out.   I have a momma and 4 week old puppies that need a place to stay until adoptable age.  It would be great if in the commitment you are willing to keep momma until she is adopted.  She is a small chocolate pitty mix--I need to know asap and she is beauti...

need foster switch Sunday

Sent February 12th 2015

Hi Fosters, Inianapolis is a 7 month old neutered male pit mix.   He needs a foster switch because he is a bit too much for the resident cats.  He is great with dogs and kids which makes up for his cat issues if you are a foster that doesn't have a cat.  I need to switch him if he is not adopted on Sunday.  Let me know if you can foster this sweet guy asap. Kind thoughts, Emily  ...

Wags--a couple things this week!

Sent February 11th 2015

Hi Fosters,    Please read til end! Wow it has been awfully quiet.  Next big transport is Feb 22nd. so let me know and I will start compiling a list of who is in. I do have one vacation foster needed---Tiny Tim needs a vacation foster from Next Tuesday until the following Friday.  This is a 6 week old puppy and he is about 4 lbs.  I need a foster that is home a lot for this little guy.  Let me know asap if you can cover him.   Please note I changed e-mail address to .com and now .or...

Need a few switches

Sent February 5th 2015

Mary Magdelene needs a foster.  Let me know if you can foster this golden/lab ret mix  Forty Winks needs a foster--He was adopted and is about 6-7 months old.  Adopters dog doesn't like anyone to play in the house so Tiddly winks is coming back and needs a foster on Saturday after the event.  I wish I had a photo.  You can look at sister Tiddley Winks and see what the sister looks like.  This is a mid age puppy---totally not the puppies fault--Need a foster to step up.  This is Tiddley...

Okay need some back up plans to make things work

Sent January 31st 2015

Okay so I got a foster for the momma in the previous e-mail.   Anyone wanna volunteer to go get her in VA or somewhere half way to NC?    We also need to move a few dogs and puppies around to make this happen.  Let me know if you are open for a puppy or another dog at the end of the event tonight.   The road trip is likely tonight or tomorrow and I need to know asap-this is a great volunteer opportunity if you can't foster to help save this sweet dog. Let me know asap if you can do any of t...

Urgent--Need foster to save this girl and her babies

Sent January 31st 2015

This Momma gave birth yesterday morning and desperately needs a foster.  We are working on getting her out but need somewhere for her to go.  This is a two month commitment and it would be great if you would keep mom until adopted.  She is great with kids and other dogs.  No info on cats sorry. I need to know asap so we can get her out. Kind thoughts, Emily  ...

This weeks event is Sat evening!

Sent January 30th 2015

Hi Fosters, I wanted to remind all fosters that the event will be Saturday Jan 31st at 4:30- 7:30 so foster dogs should start arriving around 4:10.  Hope you have all had a great week and that lots of our foster dogs get adopted and not all to their fosters.  (Congraulations to all foster failures--Please let me know if you will be continueing to foster ).  Did I forget to mention that the event is at Horsham Vet Hospital?  Well it is at Horsham Vet Hospital.  Tickets for Wag's Lending a Paw ...

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