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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: November 13th 2013

Hello hello!!!


Heres the update!


I added a few key reminders to our volunteer  outline. I've attached to update, please read it. Mainly, please watch kids with the dogs: they are putting fingers in cages, walking dogs too large, leaving cage doors open.. etc. We need to remember to be mindful of all dogs. Just because one is not aggressive, doesn't mean another won't be set off. Also, these dogs are still unknown to us, so we must be mindful!

We also need fosters and adopters at our events!! The wonderful Steve D. made a general flyer. Please feel free to print and post EVERWHERE!! I'll be getting copies for to give out Sunday too, along with paper sleeves so they can be posted  at stores, gyms, parks, etc! If any volunteer is interested in marketing for Wags, or has additional idea, please share!!

Please, as always, give me feed back! We've made some great changes so far!!



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