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Date: December 20th 2013

Hello Hello!


Wags has been so lucky, and has stumbled upon a unique problem, we have too many volunteers! So starting in the new year, aside from fosters, we will need to limit volunteers by having everyone sign up ahead of time. We will be setting new policies because our events are getting too crowded with and it is becoming a safety risk.

Here are the parameters:

All volunteers must be over 18, unless attending with an adult and pre-approved by Colleen, Amy or I.

We will only have 4-6 under 18 volunteers who must be at the event for set up or clean up. This also goes for any community service as well. 

Besides our core senior volunteers, we will be looking for 4-6 volunteers to help connect families with a match.

We will ask for all other volunteers to either sign up for transport arrival, set up or clean up week to week. We will also arrange a weekly handout of flyers at various places on Saturdays. 

I will need to have all volunteers sign in week to week, and I will be giving general instructions prior to events. This does not include those that handle applications or adoptions either.


I know that not everyone knows me, but I am trying to take all suggestions into account to run our events as smoothly, stress free and fun as possible- while reaching out to as many adopters as we can. Please look for updated information prior to our first event of the new year, after I speak further this week with Colleen and Amy. 


As of this week, fosters remember crates, or be prepared to stay with your dog. WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE'S DOG AND TRANSPORT TOO. We are discussing a system to track down crates in the future. Please stay posted. 

Please keep walk ways clear, hands out of crates and dogs on a short leash at inches from your side. Please sign a waiver if you have not yet.


Remember we need the safety of dogs, adopters and volunteers to be our top priority.

Our event is also TOMORROW, SATURDAY DECEMBER 21ST, 5-8. set up starts at 4, and we will need lots of help!


Thank you!


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