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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: February 4th 2014

Hello hello!!

Out even is this Saturday 5-8! We will need set up help around 3:30 (3 for the shed), and help cleaning up! please let me know of you plan to attend. 


I am also looking for volunteers for our CNKP event booth next Saturday 10-4 at the River Rink in Penns landing. 


I am also in need of volunteers or fosters to help pass out flyers on Saturdays. If events aren't your thing, this just may be. I'm looking for a lead volunteer on this. 


Also, all of our old volunteers from 2013, this need not apply (you're welcome to come!)  but all others, please be looking for an orientation class coming soon- in the evenings at Horsham vets community room. This may even be an ideal brainstorming meet for everyone! 


 I am finally looking for someone who can help me during the week with calls for fundraisers, donations, contributions or even grants. If this could be you, let me know!


See you all Saturday!!






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