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Date: December 16th 2014


This Saturday, 10-3 at Pet Valu in Jenkintown (on the Fairway between Petsmart and Whole Foods), Pet Valu will be hosting a "Stuff the Truck" event! The truck is graciously donated for the event by John Kennedy Ford! We will also have our adoptables there! Below is the list of our needs and the schedule. Will will need volunteers to help with holding fosters, helping interested adopters and loading/unloading the truck. 

Thank you so much! Jeannie

**1. Dry puppy food ( no generic food pls)
**2. Canned puppy
3. Bleach and cleaning supplies esp Clorox/Lysol wipes, scrub brushes and top job ( or like cleaner)
4. Dog crates.... Prefer folding crates 
5. Trash bags and paper towels 
6. Puppy pee pee  pads ( xl)
7. Frontline 
8. Capstar 
9. Litter 
10. Wet/Dry cat and kitten food 
11. Metal dog bowls 
12. Dog treats....esp. Long lasting
13. Dog toys like kongs 
**14. Leashes 
15. Dog beds 
17. Copy paper and office supplies.... Gift card to buy printed cartridge
18. Mothers replacement milk and bottles 
19. Collars..... No dollar store ( break to easily) prefer buckle collar 
20. Dog wipes and shampoo
21. Sheets blankets towels
22. Gift cards to any pet store to buy supplies 
23. Gift card to Walmart Lowe or Home Depot for supplies 
24. Poop bags 
We need help:
9:30 set up
10-3 event
4:30 unload at shed 


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